Tankers & The Sea Island

Tankers at the Sea Island, Mina al Ahmadi, Kuwait

1964 Ahmadi, Kuwait

Me at home [30/9th St. N], 4th Birthday, Baby Ken born 7 Jan 1964

Pride of Canterbury - 2006/2007

Pride of Canterbury about 20 minutes out of Calais on her way to Dover 12:07, 16 August 2006
ex European Pathway Built 1991 and converted in Nov 2002.
Now 30635gt 2000 pax 650 cars
Plus 2 photos of her passing 15 February 2007

Cabin 9012

Standard balcony cabin, fwd to starboard. Balcony within the superstructure, providing more privacy than the all glass ones, with no worse a view, nice. 2 chairs and table.
Twin beds convertible to a Queen, very comfy mattress toppers and duvet. Tiny bedside table, rock hard 'mini sofa', table, dresser with stool, flat screen TV, Ice bucket, mini bar, tea/coffee maker, 2 x 110v US pin outlets. Not much room to move between the bed and dresser when set as twin, OK when a double. Hairdryer, did not use so not sure of power.
1 double wardrobe with hangers, 3 separate drawers and a row of shelves. Safe operates on PIN of choice. Not much storage for a long trip, or even a week.

Bathroom is nice with the toilet and shower screened off from the basin in the centre. Soap & shampoo/shower gel provided in dispensers. Body lotion, shoe cleaning mitt and shower cap also provided.

Deck 6 - Lounge Deck & Deck 9 - Marquee Deck, BOUDICCA

Deck 6 - Lounge Deck, Four Season Restaurant, Iceni Room
Deck 9 - Marquee Deck, The Observatory
There are only a handful of photos here; for more please see those taken on a visit to BOUDICCA in November 2007 http://public.fotki.com/Magwa/ships/boudicca-19-nov-2007/boudiccas-interior/deck-6---lounge-dec/ and http://public.fotki.com/Magwa/ships/boudicca-19-nov-2007/boudiccas-interior/deck-9---marquee-de/

Kuwait City Dec 1983

Photographs taken in Kuwait & Kuwait City over Dec 1983

QM2 Arriving at Fremantle

5 March in the UK 22 - 23:00 and 3 of ARCADIA at the harbour entrance, who arrived not long after

Arcadia Today & Beauty Salon & Other Info

The onboard daily newsletter, Arcadia Today, outlining the programme of events, and much more.
A few 'flyers' from the Beauty Salon with details of the treatments available. Luncheon Menu, Digital Processing Facilities, Arcadia Visitor Pass, Drinks Selection [Bar Menu] and Martini Collection


During her Transatlantic Voyage before refit in Trieste to CARNIVAL SUNSHINE


WATERFORD berth 101 77113gt Bulk Carrier Jan 1990 Bermuda
She arrived in Southampton on 5 Dec 2008 berthing at 101 & according to VTS 'Ships in Port' not due to depart until 30 March 2009 - update; she departed 12 Feb 2009. Beached Gadani 15 May 2013
MARGARET HILL [Laid-up?] 71804gt LNG Tanker 1974 Marshall Islands

Piraeus - Many more to come

Happy Dolphin, Seabourn Odyssey, Grand Celebration, Nautica, Louis Majesty, Celebtrity Solstice, Arethusa [Aegina]

Misc Cargo Vessels March 2012

For these photos please see http://smu.gs/18PFppE
HELENIC 2281gt General Cargo Ship 2008 Netherlands 26/03/2012
EEMS TRANSPORTER 2186gt General Cargo Ship 2006 Netherlands 29/03/2012
UKD BLUEFIN 4171gt Hopper Dredger 1997 United Kingdom 29/03/2012


CELEBRITY CONSTELLATION alongside City Terminal Southampton. WHITCHALLENGER is smoking somewhat so hope her stb windows/balcony doors were all closed above - 25 October 2012 Some murky photos of small cargo vessel JEANETTE in the distance
Tiny clip of this at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMZNl7c_0N4

HYUNDAI SPEED - 27 Sept 2012

HYUNDAI SPEED departing Southampton passing through the upper swinging ground - 16:00 27 September 2012
Ordered by Danaos Corporation from Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries Co Ltd delivered 7th June 2012. 366.00m x 48.20m x 14.60m. 13,082
TEU according to the company. Service speed 24.70kts
HYUNDAI SPEED 140979gt Container Ship 2012 Liberia
Movie Clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw2H4IZYfvM

Southampton Water - 8 Sept 2012

Other vessels about Southampton Water and the dock areas:-
RED JET 5 with INDEPENDENCE of the SEAS, RED JET 3, TUG TENDER CALSHOT, Dock head with Switzer Tugs, VICTORIA C & AUTOSTAR. GREAT EXPECTATIONS and HOTSPUR IV at Hythe Pier, RED EAGLE, RED JET 3 & RED JET 4 passing us by on RED FALCON. Revenger RIB and the poor state of non-repair of Southampton's Royal Pier - 13:00 - 13:35 8 September 2012

HYUNDAI TENACITY - 24 April 2012

HYUNDAI TENACITY arriving at Southampton on her maiden call, passing Hythe and approaching the Container Terminal 13:00 - 13:50 24 April 2012
141770gt Container Ship 2012 Liberia
HYUNDAI TENACITY is the latest addition to the Greek company Danaos Corporation's fleet. Delivered 8 March 2012 - built Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries Co. Ltd, 13,100 TEU, 366m x 48.2m, 24.70 kts. Immediately entered a 12 yr time charter at a fixed charter rate. 2nd in a series [after HYUNDAI TOGETHER with a further 3 vessels under construction for delivery in 2012]
Other vessels in view, OCEANA, [stern only BOSPORUS HIGHWAY], MORNING COMPOSER, TOPEKA, Great Expectations and Red Eagle. 3 rugs assisted, SVITZER BENTLEY, SVITZER MADELEINE and SVITZER BRISTOL.
Movie clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26rZ-65KCM8

LOUIS OLYMPIA Reception, Shops & more - July 2012

LOUIS OLYMPIA's Reception Area, midship Main Deck 4. The shops/boutiques, Internet Café to port, Library to stb and hallways around Reception July 2012
One of the offices had a couple of Thomson Destiny pictures in the wall. Aft of reception is the Seven Seas Restaurant visible down the hallway with entrances both sides.
Can anyone tell me who created the glass sculpture please?

General Zeebrugge Port Views - 18 Oct 2012

Views around the Port of Zeebrugge with distant vessels, port workings and naval ships - 18 Oct 2012
BNS STERN A963 (1980-) Ready Duty Ship, Belgian Navy
HNLMS URK M861 (1986-) Mine Hunter, Royal Netherlands Navy

Cobelfret Ferries at Zeebrugge - 18 Oct 2012

ADELINE [due to be christened alongside HMS BELFAST in London on 26 Oct 2012], YASMINE, VALENTINE and ARX alongside.
CELEMENTINE 13:20, MAZARINE 14:15 and CATHERINE 14:15 arrive at Zeebrugge and CELESTINE spotted far off in the distance passing on her way to Antwerpen.


SUSAN MAERSK 10:40 and MSC MARIA SAVEIRA 13:30 arriving at Zeebrugge - 18 October 2012
SUSAN MAERSK 92198gt Container Ship 1997 Denmark
MSC MARIA SAVERIA 140096gt Container Ship 2011 Panama

WES CARINA, ST SARA, Bunker Vessels, Dredgers - 18 Oct 2012

Various smaller vessels at Zeebrugge during the day - 18 October 2012
RUYTER 1455gt Hopper Dredger 1994 Netherlands
WES CARINA 10585gt Container Ship 2011 Antigua and Barbuda
ST SARA 5271gt Chemical/Oil Products Tanker 2007 France
SCELVERINGHE 5116gt Hopper Dredger 2004 Netherlands
TRIPOLI 5524gt Estuary Container Ship 2008 Belgium
STEINDAMM 750gt Bunkers/Oil Products Tanker 1972 Belgium
ADMIRAL 1695t Inland Bunkers/Oil Products Tanker 2008 Belgium


NORQUEEN [P&O Ferries/Bore] and METHANIA depart Zeebrugge with tugs, SMIT EMOE, SMIT KIWI & UNION CORAL 11:30 - 11:45
ARETVELDE seen bimbling around dredging the harbour all day - 18 October 2012
NORQUEEN 17884gt Ro-Ro Cargo Ship 1980 Finland
METHANIA 81792gt LNG Tanker 1978 Belgium
ARTEVELDE 5005gt Hopper Dredger 2009 Belgium

BORE SONG Arriving at Zeebrugge - 18 Oct 2012

BORE SONG arriving and berth at Zeebrugge [passing TESSA KOSAN] 13:30 18 October 2012
BORE SONG 25586gt Ro-Ro Cargo Ship 2011 Finland

Misc Vessels 2012

Photos of ships where I have only taken a few pictures, 2012:-
HMS Tireless - 3 Mar - berthed at 38/9 [Also see 5 Mar http://public.fotki.com/Magwa/ships/uk-shipspotting-2012/bosporus-highway-so/ ]
Grand Benelux - 3 Mar
SHOALWAY - 3 Mar - 4088gt Hopper Dredger 2010 Cyprus
Marchwood Wreck 26 Mar - see other albums for previous dates and positions
FIGARO - 1 photo, MSC LIRICA at Ocean Terminal, IOTS and wide angle views containing SAGA SAPPHIRE, ASIAN BREEZE, IOTS, MSC LIRICA, GRAND VENUS, DOVER HIGHWAY & FIGARO in one 31 Mar 2012
CARIBBEAN PRINCESS, AURORA, Tenacious and HMS ILLUSTRIOUS R06 alongside at Southampton - 19 June 2012
CELEBRITY CONSTELLATION, Mayflower Park - 1 Oct 2012
BALMORAL, GRANDE ITALIA, HURST POINT alongside at Southampton [GLORIOUS HIBISCUS just partially in view ahead of BALMORAL]. The shelter and sports court have gone from Mayflower Park. RED JET 4 on the stocks across the Water at Husbands Shipyard, Jason the houseboat still there in view - 3 October 2012

CITY OF ROTTERDAM Departing Zeebrugge - 18 Oct 2012

EMC's PCC CITY OF ROTTERDAM alongside in the distance during the day then through the locks departing Zeebrugge 17:30 18 October 2012
CITY OF ROTTERDAM 21143gt Vehicles Carrier 2011 Panama

QUEEN VICTORIA Misc & Play Zone - Oct 2012

A few miscellaneous pictures of various lift/elevator lobbies, stairways & crew board. A handful of photos up on Deck 10 of The Play Zone [2-7yrs] to port and The Zone [8-12yrs] to stb through the doors as not open. The Play Zone has a netted outdoor area.