Star Wars Celebration V, Orlando Florida

Pictures taken August 11th - August 15th!

- Opening Ceremonies Pictures 15-18
- Belgian Props Pictures 36-67
- 501st Room Pictures 68-82
- R2 Builders Room Pictures 83 - 100
- Belgian AT-AT Pictures 103 - 114
- Rebel Legion Booth Pictures 115 - 125
- Steve Sansweet Panel pictures 142-154
- Troop-Athlon Pictures 162 - 187
- 501st Bash pictures 194-203
- George Lucas/ Stewart Pictures 204-275
- Disney World pictures 291-451
- Costumes at CV Pictures 454-496
- Random pics at CV 497- the end

Celebration IV

Pictures taken at Star Wars Celebration IV at the Los Angeles Convention Center

Europe 2006

Pictures taken during our two week trip to Europe in August of 2006. Locations include London England, Elstree Studios in the UK, Dover UK, Calais France, Amsterdam, Rhineland Germany, Rottenburg Germany, Innsbruck Austria, Cortina Italy, Venice Italy, Florence Italy, Lake Como Italy, Lake Lugano Switzerland, Luzerne Switzerland, Paris France. Also are pictures of the Star Wars Expo at the Cite Du Sciences in Paris, and Paris Disneyland.

Aerospace Museum

Yuri Gregarin Night. 50th Anniversary of the First Man in Space

San Diego Zoo Liver Walk

Raising money for the American Liver Foundation as well as enjoying a pleasant day at the zoo. The walk earned over 100,000.

Star Wars Baseball Night 2012

Lake Elsinore Storm Star Wars Baseball Night. The first 24 pictures of so were taken with my camera. (I am the stormtrooper in all but 1 of the pictures). The later 14 pictures or so are courtesy of the Lake Elsinore Storm. Hope more of you can join us next year.