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Hi! My name is Julie.

Please note:
All of my albums are for viewing and discussion of art, movies and tv shows, etc.
If you see something you like, please support the show or movie by buying the DVD sets from an authorized retailer or buy the art from the artist.
No images on this site may be used for financial gain or profit of any kind! Copyrights belong to original creators or copyright holders.

* If you are interested in snagging from my albums, I will need to add you to my fotki friends list first.

* Just leave your request in my guest book so I can check out your profile. :)

* Please note that you must be signed in to Fotki in order to leave a comment in my guest book. I want to be able to respond to you, so I don't allow anonymous comments. I hope you understand.

* Please be kind and leave a comment when you snag! Taggers like to know that people enjoy their work. And honestly I spend a lot of time either collecting or making this stuff and then sorting and uploading all of it to Fotki. I guess I’d just like to know that somebody out there appreciates it. lol :)

* Taggers: If you see YOUR original work in my albums (you are the creator and/or own the copyright), and you want it removed or you would like credit or a link back, please leave me a PRIVATE comment in my guest book and I will get back to you or do as you request.

* No drama is necessary as I fully respect copyrights as well as your rights as an artist.

* For those of you who willingly share your work, I thank you with all my heart. The art you create brings limitless joy to so many, myself included.

* You may share my "extras" tags, but NEVER alter tags in any way. Do not add names, text, bling, animate, un-animate, re-size, etc.
Please make sure you pass along the same info to the people you share with.

Many thanks & warm hugs,

Julie :)

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