Natural Girl Melissa 6/2014 - 1/2015 Updates
Natural Girl Melissa 6/2014 - 1/2015 Updates(Mel-Bell) avatar
Where do I begin........... I guess I should just let it flow huh? Just a while ago, I never thought I would be having these dreams of being natural. I've had thoughts of being natural, but I didn't truly understand the process. It's not just a physical journey, but a spiritual one indeed. There were attempts to go and that's all they were. I just knew I was tired of going through the motions. Yeah! we've all been through em' or heard a story or 2. As for me, I've lived it and I decided not to anymore. So I decided to make a change and I'm doing just that.

9/11 was my last set of twistouts until Spring 2012. I am trying have as much hair retention as possible. I will be rocking protective styles for 3 to 4 weeks or longer if in good I have never really had a hair regiman, so with having one in place i should see more growth this year. I moisturize my hair daily; I want to try more products and apply henna. This past year i clipped off the rest of color that damage my hair. I am excited about new goals for my hair this upcoming year. I hope everyone will have healthy growing hair throughout this year and into the next. MUAH! Luv you natural sistas ;-)

Hi Guys,

As of 2/22/2012 I have decided to loc my hair again. This time around I really did my research instead of marveling at pictures.
I will have my pictures available for you guys to view soon.
Enjoy everyone and happy growing!

12/3/2013 Okay, I did not go through with locs, but I am still enjoying my hair. I wear a lot of protective braids /twists so I might as well have loc'd. I hope everyone is enjoying the their natural hair growth cause I am. =) Patience and determination will take you far and deeply in love with your hair journey. Take care guys.
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