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~*~*~Hello, My name is Marge~*~*~
(Updated 1/2/17)
(Last update was 6/9/11)

I'm so glad I found this site as I needed a place to store my pics/tags and very happy with it. I love to share snags/tags and make them for friends. Don't know psp yet but do make them on an online site and ppl seem to really like them which in turn makes me happy! :>) Used to be in several MSN Tag Groups and Yuku but MSN closed all their groups down some years ago. Now I'm in several Yahoo Tag Groups and the offers are just amazing!! There are some very talented ladies in these groups!! I'm in awe at the art of psp so hope to learn it someday. I've met a lot of wonderful people here on Fotki as well!! Have found so many honest, loving and kind folks through the internet for years now!! To date (Jan. 2, 2017) I've got friends that I've made here going on 9 years that are very near and dear to my heart!! :) They've turned out to be better friends that I haven't even met in person then what I have here in the physical sense. My family all lives outta state and we're really not that close. Haven't seen most of them in 15 years!! Therefore, I'm very grateful for all of my online friends! :>)

I LOVE Jesus! He comes first and foremost in my life! Without Him I am nothing and wouldn't be alive today.

I'm disabled but try to stay as busy as I can when I'm able to. Obviously I LOVE MY PC!! Would love a new one but very grateful for what I have. The Internet is a big time outlet for me as I'm home bound so it's really a MUST to have. Gotta have my Cable T.V. too! :) I have WAY too shows that I follow and my DVR is constantly maxed out!!
Being stuck at home all the time isn't too healthy though so when I'm able to get a ride even to the store it feels like a million bucks!! I haven't had a car since 2011! It broke down and haven't been able to afford a new one. Living on a fixed income is difficult but still very grateful for what I do have. I'm hoping to get a decent used car this year cuz I hate having to depend on others!!! And having to depend on others doesn't always come easy either.

**I'm updating this on 1/2/17**Going to leave the details below about the fur babies I used to have and add my new Sweet Girl Summer here at the end**Most of the cat stuff below was written in 2011 but I did edit some of it to be current**

I don't have children so my cats are my babies. I "had" 2 ... my female, Duecer was 14 and a such a sweetie! She had a personality of her own and really funny! :) I had her since she was a kitten but she got really sick and had to put her down in Aug. 2010. It was the best thing for her with all the pain she was in plus went blind overnight. I miss her so much and so "did" my big boy Jack. My male cat, Jack is probably 7 now, in 2011. Not sure as I rescued him back in the early 2000's. He thinks he's a tough boy but the biggest BABY! He and Duecer would sleep with me every night or used to I should say ...Jack "was" my "Main Man." *lol* He protects me at the edge of the bed like a dog ... so funny! :) I've brought in some strays over the years and eventually found homes for them but the main one now is Logan (had him at my house 6/9/11)-(I'm updating this on 1/2/17) The owners live across the street but they keep him outside. He loves it here obviously cuz I spoil him but I also provided a safe place during our terrible ice storm this year and the awful HOT days we're having now. Don't think he'll be going anywhere. I've pretty much adopted him. :) He and Jack get along so well!
I had to put Jack down in July of this year. He was very ill and had been for a while. I really miss him but feel relieved that he's in a better place now since he was so sick. It was hard to watch!! :( In August of 2016, a friend of mine had too many cats and it was making it hard with his 4 children so I adopted one. Her name is Summer. She's about 3 years old and just perfect!! She's not a ''replacement" for Jack but does fill a huge void as I live alone. Have for years now and I have mental and physical disabilities to where having a pet, and it's always been cats for me, is therapeutic and so healthy!! She fits the bill to a TEE!! The sweetest, prettiest, funniest and smartest girl I've had in years. :) oxo <3 She's turned out to be the perfect addiction to my home and my heart!! I love her so much!! oxo

I am called "The Cat Lady" by many! *lol*
I really hope I don't grow old with just cats and no partner is all. There's gotta be someone out there for me just haven't found him yet! Pretty sure that working on "Me" is more important. Until I can truly Love someone else I have to Love "Me" first and it's just taking a long time for me to get to that point. God will send me someone in time I just know it!! oxo

I've been divorced for many years now so am just looking for friends at this time. Having a solid friendship with someone first is the most important thing. Without that any possibility of furthering a relationship is useless to me.

I just LOVE all the beautiful tags that so many awesome friends here on Fotki have taken the time to make, snag and/or request for me. And the tag offers through my Yahoo Tag Groups are awesome!! I request and share them with friends. It makes them so happy!! That's my goal .. if I can make just one person happy I feel like I've done my part. Good friends are really hard to find but I've made some really WONDERFUL ones here on this site and on the Internet itself for MANY years now! I've had closer relationships with some online friends then in real life. Words cannot describe the lengths they've gone to help me in so many ways. They lift me up when I'm down and that means the world to me!! I'm truly blessed with lovely friends and all that God provides me each day!!
Amen to that! :>)


*Some work tagged. But all credit goes to the original artists.*

*If you see anything that belongs to you and have an issue please send me a private message and I'll correct it immediately.*

* ~*~*Drama and Stress Free Zone Please.*~*~*

>~>~>Thank You>~>~>

I have several favorite quotes ... below are a few of them:
"This too shall pass." ... "One day at a time." ... "God never gives us more then we can handle." ... And, "Good things come to those who wait." :>)

~P.S. My profile is long winded a lot like me.
I'm known for talking a lot as
well as writing long messages and e-mails!
However, I have become
a better listener over
the years so that's
not too bad right?~

*I hope you enjoy your visit.
Thank you and God Bless*
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008
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Of course you are special sweetie
Lots of big hugs, Nicole
9 days ago

Have a wonderful day and week and God Bless! :-)
:-)smiley Paul
10 days ago

Thank you so much for everything Marge

Happy Easter sweetie
Big hugs, Nicole

12 days ago

Thank you so much sweetie for everything, you sure bring joy and smile in my life.
Lots of big hugs,
27 days ago

Happy Spring !
1 month ago
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