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Hey homies!

This fotki is dedicated to my hair and my process of trying to grow it out. I've been technically "natural" since I was 12. I have the kind of hair that goes "ARGGGGH!" at perms. So, between my stylist, mom, and myself we decided to just give it up and go on to pressing. I had bra strap length hair then even with a perm, but transitioning caused alot of breakage. I remember this being pretty sad for me. From then on, I pressed or flat ironed my hair. During my undergrad in hot and humid South Georgia, I wore my hair natural in the hotter months and straighter in the mild. But, in 2004 after a vicious thunderstorm I decided enough heat was enough and I decided to become natural on a full time basis. I've had my hair cut and severely trimmed several times either out of self inflicted damage (I have a terrible habit of picking in my hair) or boredom. However, I'm ready to grow my hair out to it's full potential. My goal is shoulder or armpit length curly- which is something ridiculously long straight.

Enjoy my fotki and feel free to comment or ask whatever.

Also check out my youtube channel where I do product reviews, haircare tips, tutorials, and makeup :)

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