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Since my mother gave me my first Brownie camera when I was 5, I have been taking photos.

I loved working in the darkroom while I was in high school. My then boyfriend and I set up the darkroom at our school. Until an amateur photographer who fancied himself the next Ansel Adams and with not a shred of technical knowledge managed to take over the darkroom of his own use, I spent every spare hour there.

Unfortunately, finances, allergies and a concern for the environment meant that I had concerns about developing and printing my own photos in recent years. The development of digital photography and software which allows you to manipulate images safely (not to mention cheaply!) meant that I could pursue my love of photography.

I am constantly learning something new and enjoying every minute working on my latest projects.
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Friday, August 22, 2003
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English, French
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I am Lt. Gen. Howard, an officer of the U.S Army. I just moved to Syria from Iraq as one ...
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Cheers to you from me for artistic inspiration.
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