Mia - This Album Will be Closing for Good in July
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I decided not to long ago that relaxing my hair wasn't the right thing for me anymore. It's funny because I always said that I would never, I mean NEVER wear my hair in it's natural *nappy* state. Well..things changed. I began to become very unhappy with my hair (it was shedding like crazy because of the two textures on my head). A friend from church (who has been natural for awhile) kept telling me to just cut it all off, which I couldn't see myself doing, until she told me to go to That did it. Anyway, I had started off by deciding to get my hair pressed. I wouldn't necessarily call it "transitioning", because at the time, I wasn't planning on going natural. But, I did press my hair from February 14th 2003(6 weeks after my last perm) until June 26th 2003, which is when I did my chop. I had about 2 inches of new growth by that time. I still feel that was the best decision I could have ever made.

Well, now I've decided to do like others and start a hair journal. I'm starting slow, mainly because I don't have a great digital camera, and secondly because I will begin to get busy once school starts. Hopefully I'll be able to maintain the site. Use the box to jump to a particular month in the album. The links listed below are some good hair links, epecially Nappturality.com.

After being natural for 1 year, I had to stop maintaining my own site and move to Fotki. I'm currently too busy to keep up with uploading my pictures and mainting the database that holds the user comments. So, I started a Fotki account. I'm always open for answering questions, so just send me an email. Enjoy!
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