DrBNL - 2/19/12 I'M BACK!!! Twitter @MrsBNL
DrBNL - 2/19/12 I'M BACK!!! Twitter @MrsBNL(MzBNS2010) avatar
I'm on twitter so hit me up! @MrsBNL

It may look like it, but it isn't easy being me. I am who I am not because of all of my doings but because of GOD's mercy and grace. Yielding yourself to be completely transformed into who He wants you to be will always cause an abundance of physical and mental blessings. However, they will not come overnight and will be a direct result of your personal and private relationship with Him. Once that relationship has been established, you will freely flow with His Holy Spirit. As a result, people will be drawn to what they think is you but in actuality, they just sense that sweet aroma of His spirit which will almost be impossible to ignore. It is truly the God in me.....

Mrs. BNL
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Saturday, February 10, 2007
Female gender
Natural hair, hair, afro, twists, twistout, fro
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hey sis... just stopping by to send some love your way :)
6 years 5 months ago
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