Natashaaa! 1Yr Nappiversary (06/11 updates)
Natashaaa! 1Yr Nappiversary (06/11 updates)(NBallaaa) avatar
Wellll basically, im tryin to grow my hair longer without braids. I've made a regimen and am now trying to follow it. I want to transition until i feel comfortable about going through with the big chop.

As of 11.13.09, my natural hair is about an inch or so.

The hairstyles for me have not been so great but im working on them.
Updates soon, but always open for any advice!

(april 5th, 2010) - i cant still a simple regimen. my ends r kinda breakin off n look a mess. i can neverrr keep a transitioning style for more than 2 days. i wanna jus cut my hair rightttt now! i've been transitioning since august so im 8 months into transitioning. im tryna stick it out for a yr but i have a feeling im gonna be cuttin it in may, against my mothers attachment to my hair (sorry mommy). i honestly feel like my hair is not growin anymore which feels depressing which is the main reason im on a hiatus from uploading any new pictures up. but on the GOOD note. IM GOIN TO HOWARD UNIVERSITY IN THE FALL :D!

(July 2nd, 2010)
- I BCed. Im totally amped because I finally did it. It was spontaneous n not planned until the second i came out the shower. I had to do it because they two textures were destroyinnnnn my soul! After about 11 months of transitioning (last perm was the end of july), im done with transitioning and ready to care for my natural hair. i love it. but i still need some tips and advice so any would be helpful. thanks in advance <3

(July 4th, 2011)
- I'm bad at updating but I will deff try harder when school starts...i hope :/
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