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Last relaxer: 01/14/09
Transition Goal: 01/01/2010 (BIG CHOP 4/26/09)
1st Goal: Full APL By: 11/2010
2nd Goal: Full BSL By: 04/2011
3 Year 3rd Goal length: MBL by 11/ 2011
Overall goal: total natural, healthy, and great styling techniques



There is somthing very funny going on with me. I have been a beautician for 13 years and in the last 3 years I have started to work with natural hair only. I have seen many women go through there transition, but in truth I only saw a small portion of the phase. I am only there for the styling parts. At one point I though I could never go through with it. Today is a different day, Im ready. I am now taking better care of myself and family, I even go as far as to cook breakfast every morning and dinner every night. Which is something that is very new yo me. Its a long story! Here is a little about me.

I am a 30 something year old mother of 5(thiniking of having 1 more!). (I had 1 more!!!05/28/2010!! LOL) Im an all natural beautician. I do the braids and the twist and special conditions ect... I am in the best relationship of my life. She is my partner and my strength.She is detirmined to help me find the real me. So my journey begains.

I am originally from Trinidad and I want to go back to my begining back to my roots. Im wanting to transition my self to a more healthy happier me. And in the process teach my children how to do it for them selves.

What better way to start then with my hair! My hair has been a big part of me. I love my hair! lol... I make sure that it is always stylish, fun and up to date.

I am also doing a more natural way of eating, drinking, cleansing, and thinking.
"Oh yeah... Im trying to make my own clothes and head raps as well"
I hope that some of you here can relate to what I am going through. (maybe its the age...I may just be getting old!) Even though I am a stylist I feel new to this. I am new to this. Please share with me and join me in my transitions in life.
I am mos def a PJ..... I have all kinds of stuff. Tell me what you like and what you dont like. But over all Im trying to stop, stop, stop getting things until I finish what I have!


Grown with me and know where I have been
Talk to me to see where I want to go
Run with me and see my perfect brown skin in the sun
Lay with me and feel the depth of my soul
Play with me and watch my hair flow
Share with me to see where we will go
Learn me and see why, why ,why....
Im proud to be me...
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Female gender
BC, natural hair, hair growth
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 Precious Mitchell-Jones
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