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Hello My nappy-happy sisters, Happy holidays!

I plan on documenting my journey a little better! It will be 2years natural on February 1, 2008. and I'm really excited about what 08 has to offer. I'm happy it's been almost 2 years and I still feel like a newbie, (i guess i still am new) I'm okay with that because my hair never cease to amaze me, we've had some really good days, some aight days , and some down right bad days, The awesome thing is when I wake up with bad hair, my creativity starts flowing and my scarves, hats or bun-type things get me so many compliments! how exciting is that? there are still so many things i have yet to try which is also good because it has me looking towards the future! Currently I am still trying to figure out my natural texture after years of relaxing. I am also embracing my shake in go which I hated! I have you ladies to thank for my new love of it! Thanks for your love and support! alright let's get down to business!

* I have met so many people that I feel are my hair twin so I'm excited! If you think our hair is similar let me know!*

Hair type: My head has about two or maybe three differnt textures, I'll start from the back and work my way up.

Back: My nape has a very very loose curl pattern that tend to clump together given me this beautiful, soft curls This texture basically goes around the perimeter of my whole head. I love it, the downside is that most times it doesn't hold a curl, especially if some wiind gets a hold of it.

The Middle: The middle of my hair is a little thicker, Now don't get me wrong i don't have thick hair (i wish) It's not very full, for instance when i do twist I have to grab alot of hair for it to even look alrite but at the end i don't have many twist and it looks a mess :(
my hair is like nappy, cottony coily type of combination! its a lil fustrating at times but it's mines and i love it!

The front: is like the back.

Wet hair: I love my hair when it's wet. it's very wavy and it hangs down. My hair becomes wet easily and dries very qucikly (because the strands are thin/fine)

My problems:
1. My ends feels like it always needs moisture, My hair is prone to split ends....ooooh I hate them, I'm thinking about chopping off a lot and starting over, i'm scared though, I love big hair!

2. My hair absorbs a lot of humidity, I don't know if it's a problem because it leaves my hair extra soft but I can't keep a twist out (or anything else) longer then a day because the twist out pattern turns into a poof! My frizz is crazy!

3. The sun is brutal on my hair, I learned that this summer while at work at my summer camp. It may be the colored ends just frying under the heat. I need a product with sunscreen or wear more protective styles in the summer.


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