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My haircare journey began in the early winter of 2006. I had just taken a hiatus from college to do some soul searching .So instead of dreaming of a medical career , I spent most of time workings two jobs and learning about african american haircare. Fall 2005 was a rough semester for me spirtually, emotionally, phsycically , and mentally. My hair was dry, excessive breaking, dull, and dingy . I did not care about it or how it looked.

I discovered the online haircare world by venturing into Aol Black Talk. To make a long story short , I owe a BIG THANK YOU to CreoleInDc ( Monica Mingo) for frequently posting that LCHF was a SERIOUS hair community on AOL Black Talk.

Discovering the online haircare was a wonderful time for me. I enjoyed learning and reading about so many different new hair techniques and ideas. I began to small hair changes and my hair began to change for the better. It was very overwhelming; I instantly became a newbie and a product junkie. I wanted to try everything and anything. These two are a dangerous duo. My recommendation to new hair learners is to take everything slowly. So much information is being thrown at you at one time ; learn to digest it. Do not get caught up in obtaining a certain length within year. I would recommend that your goal for your first year ( or two) be to stay consistent in a customized regimen.Every head of hair is different. Something that works for me may not work for you. I had a “ wonderful time” learning this the hard way. I remember trying to imitate someone’s regimen and not having the same successful results. This whole cycle leads to fustration and aggravation. I set an unrealistic goal for pretty BSL hair but that still has not happen. I am not obsessed with my length anymore , therefore , my hair goals have changed to better daily appearance and mangeability. MY ONLY hair goal is to have healthy hair.

I have the a privilege to grow up in a family with lovely women with natural and relaxed hair. My great aunt owned a beauty salon which I have fond memories of blue hair grease and hot combs. Not only that , I grew up with four sisters and we each have four different hair types. One of my younger sisters is transitioning into a natural. I love the texture of her hair and the having the opportunity to watch the process. I add a lot of naturals as friends due to that reason.

Needless to say I love both hair types !

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