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In Fall 2007, I gradually began to transition by wearing braids and weaves, and started trimming the relaxer from my hair with each new style. I continued to wear braids and weaves thru March 2009. So, I guess you can say that March 2009 is the month that Natural-Dyva was born. I immediately felt a sense of empowerment and confidence at a time when I REALLY needed to feel that way. I must say that I will be NATURAL for the rest of my life and I will NEVER, EVER allow a relaxer to be applied to my NATURAL HAIR again. I love the texture of my hair and I never knew that it was so easy to work with. Granted it all takes some getting used to, but with all the tutorials and curly hair tips and support out there it can be done. My hair is a combination of 3c/4a. I am currently using Aphogee products to strengthen and renew my hair. Along with regular trims and intense protein treatments my hair is coming together nicely. My favorite hairstyles at the moment are twistouts and wash-n-go's. I use unrefined coconut oil and aloe vera gel for twistouts, and kinky curly curly custard for wash-n-go's. MY HAIR LOVES COCONUT OIL!

*********** April 2010, I no longer use kccc or aloe vera gel. I am now using coconut oil, amla oil-gold & Wild Growth Hair Oil. I have also stopped using permanent color & shampoo. I use sulfate-free conditioners to conditioner wash my hair.

************June 11, 2010 - I just started using Nioxin Shampoo & Conditioner Level 8 today. My hair is thinning in certain sections due to health condition. With a healthy diet & more weight loss(I have lost 50lbs so far) the health condition & hair issues should resolve themselves. I have also found a new love for Giovanni Smooth As Silk products. I like the shampoo, but I LOVE the conditioner. I am still a huge fan of coconut oil. My hair absolutely loves it. I pretty much stick with twist-outs. I use Curls Souffle, Whipped Cream or BelleButters Shea Butter to prep my hair for this style. I wish you all the best during your hair journey. Going natural is so empowering
*************September 22, 2013 - WOW! I had forgotten all about Fotki! So much has happened as the years have gone by & somehow I have focused more on social networking via Facebook and Twitter.
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