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I had my last relaxer in March 2004, so it has been almost 3 yrs for me. I am happy with my decision, but I must admit I get frustrated at times. With the humidity this summer, I was almost tempted to cut it all off! I didnt though, I just went and got some braids.
I do not straighten my hair often, but I think when I take my braids out, I will try and get it done every other month or so. This way I can get a good trim.
Another thing yall should know is that I have SERIOUS loc envy--but I havent built up the nerves to do it yet. One, because I love to change my hair too much, and two I am scared about the ruff beginning stages and having to deal with it while going to work. We'll see though, I think I'm going to do it sooner than later. Right now, I am still learning my natural tresses--yes, even after 3 yrs I am still learning.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006
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