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THIS IS A POST THAT I WROTE IN LHCF... The real reason I am going natural....

"But I am currently transitioning and some of the women on this board have indirectly helped me in my decision to go natural. I know how to deal with my str8 relaxed hair, but now its time for me to learn how to take care of my natural hair. I have been wanting to go natural for a long time but I was scared to because I loved the look of long hair on me as some of the others have said. I have learned that braidouts help with shrinkage and banding. (yes I was stalking many fotkis) So now that I know that, I want to now grow my natural hair out down to my waist. Shoot thats longer than my relaxed hair goal. But I want to prove a point to people and (I know some already have) that is that kinky hair can grow to great lengths too! I am willing to put in the man hours in my hair JUST to be another to prove that point. In my personal opinion, growing my hair out natural gives me a newfound sense of pride. Other cultures have pride in their heritage, so why cant I in its rawest form? Kinky hair and all. Our hair is beautiful.

Relaxed hair is great, but... it sucked one time when I went into a dominican salon and I had newgrowth at 5 months post, the damn lady sat me down and was looking at my newgrowth with her face screwed up like i had a disease on my head. I combed out my hair and everything. She had a stank attitude and I didnt like it talking in spanish to the woman next to her with a look of disgust on her face. I said "IS THERE A PROBLEM?" she said "no mami" I said "so why the attitude when you touching my hair???" then she started acting like she didnt know what I was saying. I said " IF THATS THE CASE I WILL TAKE MY MONEY ELSEWHERE" people in the salon lookin at me like I was crazy. Then the manager comes over and says "is everything ok?" So i told her wat happened and the lady walks away. The manager says, "no its just alot of newgrowth" I said "if she dosent want to do it, I'm sure there will be many others that will be glad to take my money" so she says "ok mami im sorry about that I will do it as soon as I finish this other perm" so I said "ok" and gave that chick the evil eye... I was heated. Then finally after waiting 5 minutes I picked my stuff up and I left. Before I left she said "where are u going?" I said "somewhere else, im not feeling ya'll AT ALL." and I left. I was so mad and thas the first time I ever felt like someone was disgusted with my hair. So I went to another salon and she did my hair with no problem. I even spoke to her about it. I would have went to my normal stylist but the salon was closed that day. When she was done I payed her, and tipped her and I walked past the previous salon and was swinging my hair all in the window. They were mad.

I am saying that my decision to go natural is more of a "TAKE THAT" approach because we too have beatiful hair and I want to show people there is nothing wrong with some kinks and coils. Black hair is beautiful i dont care how kinky coily or whatever, its what makes us unique. If other people cant handle that, thats not my problem. (no offense to anyone) This board and the world wide web has definitely made my decision easier, and gives great tips on what styles to wear on natural hair and what products work best. I am excited and I cant wait."

Peace and Love
*Nubian Princess*
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