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I am happy to say that I am Happy to be nappy! As the President of the HTBN club (ha ha), I am constantly learning and sharing information about natural hair. I have been natural for a total of 25 years. As a child, I wore the press and curl style. At the age of 14, my neighbor convinced my mom that a Curly Perm would benefit my hair and make it grow faster. Neither of the latter were concerns with me. I kept the painful (via it's process and it's damages) curly perm for 6 months, until I begged my mom to stop sending me to my neighbors to get it done (I was also called "Wesson Head" by my Hispanic classmates). I can promise you, I had Degree burns on my scalp as a result of that process. It felt like my scalp was on FIRE!!! (As an adult, I realized that the chemicals did not work well on a scalp that was irritated constantly by eczema. It was like pouring alcohol or worse on an open wound over and over). There were grosser results from the burnt scalp that I will not share at this time (you get the point). When I turned 18 I finally got the perm I always dreamed of. As a result, I had severe hair breakage and scalp burns. My scalp even burned using a kiddie perm. I endured the minor burns in order to achieve that silky, straight look I so desired. I gave up the creamy crack about 4 years later. Since then, I have vowed to NEVER PERM MY HAIR AGAIN! I love being natural! No pain at all!!!! No Physical or psychological scarring.
I have experimented with braids over the years (being lazy with my hair). I still back slide into braids. As a result of that, I have Traction Alopecia in parts of my head (see the 2005 album for pictures of that). I am still a fan of braids, I just have to speak up and request that the stylist not pull my edges too hard. That too has been a learning experience. One that I can't turn back from. I have seen that over the years, the back of my hair was the first part to become damaged by any process (chemical or braids). That has taught me that the back of my hair (and edges) are a lot softer in texture than the rest of my head, and that it is prone to breakage. I must be careful back there from now on.
I tell you, being a Black woman can have it's up's and downs when it comes to hair. I love my hair (although I have tortured it along the path of life). I vow to be more kind to my tresses from now on!!!!

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Monday, August 7, 2006
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