~^~ Peachtree - Almost 10 yrs Natural - ^~
~^~ Peachtree - Almost 10 yrs Natural - ^~(Peachtree2) avatar
9/19/10... Using new natural products
Whole Foods natural line (poo & conditioner)

Regimen...don't have one!
Poo...when my scalp itches or when I feel like pooing and conditioning!

Thanks for visiting my album. Hopefully u've left a nice comment... if so, thanks again :)

~:~:~:~ MY HAIR STORY ~:~:~:~

I was relaxed for 20 yrs... I absolutely luv'd my relaxed hair! (See my relaxed hair pics at http://www.fotki.com/peachtree) .But I was always curious about my natural hair ... so I embarked on a transition which took 18 mths to complete.

I applied my last relaxer on 04/19/03, and chopped off the relaxed ends on 10/02/04.

This is my first time ever seeing & touching my natural hair (I don't remember much about my hair during my childhood).

I LUV being natural... wayyy more than being relaxed. Now I just wanna sit back & let my hair grow, grow, & grow, lol


~:~:~:~ MY DAUGHTER'S REGIMEN as of Sept 14, 2006 ~:~:~:~ My regimen is near the bottom of this page

... in this order...

1) Poo (every 2-3 wks, depending on my mood)...

- Soft & Beautiful Botanicals or Motions Lavish or Garnier Fructis 2 & 1 (this is basically a conditioner with detergent added...GREAT, GREAT STUFF!! ))

2) Conditioner...

- Motions Moisture Plus or Sally's Matrix

3) Rinse. Towel blot dry

4) Leave-In

- Kids Organic Shea Butter or Cantu Shea Butter Lotion...apply oil to ends (usually hot 6 oil)

5) Detangle with K-Cutter or Jibere Shower comb or plastic rake comb (looks like a K-Cutter)

6) Make 5-6 plaits (more or less depending on my mood)

7) Let air dry

.......... >> Between Poo Maintenance << ...........

- Momma's hair stays braided 99.9% of the time.

- Occassionally I'll let some or all of her hair out. I think I've done this maybe 3x over the past yr.

- Between poos, I'll undo each plait, mist with water, add leave-in, comb through, plait back up. I try to do this at day 7 & start the poo regimen again at day 14. But when i'm being lazy, I'll moisturize again at day 14 & push the poo back to day 21. If I'm not pooing at day 14, then I make sure to add (to her scalp) a homemade "scalp refresher", made of Rosemary, Tea Tree & Jojoba Essential Oils. This keeps her scalp semi-cleansed & her length smelling fresh until I'm ready to poo.

- At night, I >>ALWAYS<< have momma's hair covered in a satin bonnet (or a silk one that I made). She also sleeps on a satin covered pillow, covered with a satin pillow case.

I keep hair accessories at a >>BARE MINIMUM<<; scrunchies to secure the ends & sometimes using scrunchies to "hold" the braids at the roots. I >>NEVER<< use "hard" accessories... Only the >>SOFTEST<< accessories I can find; scrunchies, ribbons, bows, etc.

I "loop" her ends & secure them with a satin scrunchie. Sometimes I'll use polyester or even cotton as a very last resort. I've been "looping" her ends since the first braid. This has proven to be a very hair healthy technique. It serves 2 main purposes...
1) Keeps her braids from "unraveling" &
2) Keeps her ends in "TIP-TOP" shape. In fact, she still has about 1.5" of "baby hair" on the ends that's still VERY SILKY & SHINY! I was shocked to see that this "looping" technique has preserved her initial hair texture (on the ends only) over these few yrs.

Hmmm, lemme see... what else is there to add about her regimen...

Oh, I've >> NEVER << applied heat to her hair. No blow dryers, hot combs, NONE OF THAT CRAP!!!

If she's going out to play, I'll gather her hair & make a bun.... outta sight, outta mind, u know!!

Well, that's about it *wink*

Hope I've answered all of ur questions...


-----> Here's my regimen as of 07.19.06


Wkly regimen ...In this order...

1) pre-poo... (sometimes) with LustraSilk Aloe Cholesterol, or any cheapy conditioner (Suave, Vo5, Tresemme, White Rain)

--> I ALWAYS warm my pre-poo & apply it to my *dry* hair. It absorbs farrrr better this way.

2) poo: Soft & Beautiful Botanicals (1 lather)

3) cond: Sally's knock off of Matrix Sleek (let sit while I bathe.. about 10 mins); then detangle with a "K-Cutter" or "Jibere's Shower Comb"

4) Leave in cond: Sally's knock off of Matrix Sleek... I'll leave some of the cond in after my final rinse

5) Apply my homemade butter mix (it's simply melted down shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil or cocoa butter *with 100% Aloe Vera Juice or 100% Aloe Vera Gel or Glycerine added*)

6) Then I'll either braid, twist, or make a bun


Have a happy hair day!
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