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This is a journal of my quest for beautiful, healthy hair . I am the typical black girl who'se been through it all with my hair. Pressed hair at 6, a curl (that never took...Praise God) at 8, braids, perms, weaves...you name it. My hair never seemed to grow past my shoulders.

By the time is was in 6th grade, my beautiful mother let me hot curl my hair every morning. My style of choice was a "pro-style" gelled ponytail, with half my hair down and a bang in the front. The ponytail, bang, and few strands of hair that I had in the back were curled mercilessly. This was the beginning of the end.

By high school, I got my hair cut in a bob, but it was so thin, it never kept a style. I then got the Toni Braxton cut and used weave tracks to thicken up my hair. The weave was glued and wreaked havoc on my hair. I really didnt care because the weave created the look that I wanted. This created a toxic relationship between me and my hair. To this day, there are MANY people who havent seen my real hair in 18 years. Fast forward to 2006. I had been rocking weaves covered by micro braids in the top. I had been on vacation and my scalp was soooooooo dry that a friend asked me if I had poured powder on my scalp. When I got home, I took my hair down (which I usually kept unattended in a weave for about 3 months.) It was obviously a flagrant,tangled mess. Not only was it tangled beyond belief, but my hair started falling out. I hadnt had a touchup in months and the lack of moisture and 2 textures were not having it. I was in tears and knew that there must be some other way for me and my hair to co-exist. I started doing research and came across Cathy Howse. Then, I found LHCF, which was the ultimate God send.

I got serious about the health of my hair and cut off all my perm and began cowashing, spritzing twice and day and oiling my scalp.

My regimen:
I braid my hair in box braids or cornrows.
I spritz with a concoction of distilled water and glycerin (in the AM and PM).
I seal with castor oil.
In the AM, after sealing with castor oil, I use a bobby pin to pin my braids up, then apply a lace wig without glue.
At night, I spritz for moisture and apply a hair growth concoction of olice oil, sulphur, essential oils, and vitamins. I massage into my scalp, then baggy and go to bed.
I take MSM, biotin, Vit B, Multi, Horsetail, Flax Oil, and inositol daily.
I co wash about 2 times a week with Suave.
I deep condition once a week with J/A/S/O/N/S.

****tip: when I braid or cornrow my hair, I add a tiny piece of synthetic extension to the ends of my hair. I do this so that when I take the braids down, the ends of my hair have not curled on themselves, creating knots. The use of a little piece of extension on the ends makes the those annoying knots almost non-existant. I make sure to keep these ends very moisturized and sealed with oil.

I am so thankful for all the information that I have received and all the LHCF ladies who have shared their stories and pictures. I thank God for leading me to this site and for helping me to realize that the hair that I once thought was so shameful, because it wouldnt grow, is beautiful because it actually flourishes with a little TLC.
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