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Hey guys, I'm Queencilia, my friends call me Queen, and i don't mind, lol! But yeah, I have so many friends on this site that I just had to join. This seem like a very supportive and organized network and right now with the conditon of my hair, I need all the support I can get.

Hair History:
I never would have imagined or even dreamed that my hair would ever grow past my neck. All the process of growing, relaxing and then the greatest horror...BREAKAGE! I remember as a child I'd be looking at all the long hair, soft textured hair girls and how long their hair would grow and I'd be envious. Then I tried to accept the fact that I would never be able to attain such growth, my hair would always end up breaking before it got past my neck. Well I guess I got motivated when I met this really nice lady at work who had my same texture, 4a just touching the top of her shoulders, and she basiclally sat me down and explained to me the basics, and told me that it wasn't that we couldn't grow our hair, it's just that it takes a different technique. Technique that I guess requires a lot more effort. So I took her advice, and got growing. I finally got to the top of my shoulders in length and then, I stopped taking care of it. I am now at a critical point. From here I can maximize growth and keep growing or the other option BREAKAGE! It's like a crossroad, and I know which path I need to take, it's just going to be hard because I really just wanted to cut it all off and start over. But what I'm doing instead is joining this site. So I guess me joining this site is remotivation to keep growing and get my hair back healthy again.

My goal is more so fullness, body, and health vs. length but I wouldn't mind gaining a few inches. My hair grows pretty fast (min. 1/2 inch/mos.) so I'll set a length goal of APL (an additional 2-3 inches) by the end of summer (August). But I stress that it's more so body and health I'm trying to attain, so I won't be too crushed if I don't reach the length goal if my hair is looking, healthy and bouncy.

MY REGIMINE (it will probably change as I go...but here's what I got):

1. TEXTLAX: every 10 wks, I coat my hair in conditioner (Tresseme) and oil (Doo grow), apply a medum relaxer (Motions) , leaving on for no longer than 7-10 min. Neutralize. Deep protein builing conditioner (Motions & Revive). Apply Olive Oil hair dressing, leave in conditioner (Doo grow, Hawaiian silky)and:
If its the 20th wk- blow dry straight clip and baggie ends (Doo grow oil)
If it's the 10th wk- just baggie ends.

So basically, I'll rotate clipping my ends to every other service- stretching texlaxers and clipping ends for max growth.

2. BIWEEKLY SHAMPOO/CONDITION: every 2 wks (except that of my textlax due date) I deep condition rotating between the following product lines to constantly shock my hair: Pantene Pro-V breakage defense for women of color, Tresseme, Garnier Frutis, Olive Oil Organic. But I use Revive each time as the builder.

3. THREADING: this is a West African hair style that really get your hair growing, being a Nigerian-American, I've experienced the benfits of this as a child: immense GROWTH! I'm going to experiment with it now as an adult. I'll keep yall updated, post pics so yall can see what this technique looks like. It's basically using a specific thread to bind the hair, keeping the hair from exposure to heat styles, and winter weathers etc, much better alternative to braids.

Okay and so I'm off...wish me happy growing and good luck! Feedback is welcome!

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