Red Chief is Here -- '66 Pontiac 2+2

After lo these many months, Red Chief is in tha' house (well, a storage lot, actually) ready for its transformation to an asphalt eating memory jarring monster.

My Old Cars

At least the ones I remembered to take pictures of. Tranferred color neg to hi res disk at the local photo store, and glad I did, they bring back memories.

The '63 Merc was mine for six years, from '82 to '88. Monterrey Custom trim, base 390 2V, purchased from Crest Lincoln Mercury in Sterling Heights; selling dealer was Dave Coogan L-M in Jos. Compeau in Hamtrammack.

The '69 Spoiler II was mine from '78 to '84. It defined "amateur restoration", sorry to say, but at the time, current Resto technology was unheard of. Serial # was 9H15M565839, had the "Special Performance Vehicle" tag in the door perfect and untouched. Made it to two Street Machine Nationals in '80 and '81.

Sold it to buy my first really new car, the '84 Firebird S/E. The payments were more than half of my take home, but I loved it, very classy car that was easy on gas and handled like it was on rails. Had the V6 HO, 5-speed manual and WS6 suspension.


The first batch - ya saw it here first

The first four, well five, resin kits and conversions: '65 GTO HT, '65 Mustang FB, '69 AMT Mach 1 annual, '70 Mach 1 annual, MPC '70 Cougar annual

2007 Woodward Dream Cruise

Pix at random from the biggest one day automotive event in the world... taken up and down Woodward Avenue from Thus.-Sat. in August, 2007.

Ferrari F189 Reference Pix

From the F189 display car at the museum in Maranello. Good place to start if you have the Tamiya 1/12 model. Finally gives me enough confidence to start the build.

Holy Cow! The Big Branch Falls

What happens when neighbors get cheap and fail to do maintainence on a big tree... and we pay the price

Bob Sellers Fall 2005 Show

Got to the show late, so some cats already took off. GTO is well represented here, if '64-7 is your thing, take a look.

Bob Daykin Turns 50

A picture is worth a thousand words, you can probably guess what some of them were. Great group of friends, great gifts and a great time. But damn, woke up and wanted to buy a Buick. What happened?

Pontiac Tri Power

Pix and neat stuff from Norwalk Ohio Summer 2004

Supercar Showdown III -- IRP, Spring '83

Back in the day, this was one of the original Pure Stock Muscle Car events, organized by Car Craft Magazine. These were taken with a beat up Konica camera on Kodachrome, and recently transferred to high res from the original negatives.

Roddster's 1967 Shelby GT350

This is a Concours correct "early model" 67 GT 350. By "early
model", SAAC means it was one of the first 200 built. (this one is number 0036)

The early model 67 Shelbys had a red light in the upper scoop. The first 100 cars had one piece grills, smooth seat upholstery (the comfort weave was not available until December) Flat gas cap emblems (up to car #86), the roll bar has braces under the fiberglass upholstery panels, the lower side scoops are ducted behind the rear wheels for some
real brake cooling, the grill has no "Shelby" emblem (the Jan.1967 Sports Car Graphic has one on the cover - no grill emblem) the tail pipes had chrome eyebrows over them as the GT rear valence was not built for the Shelby ones, yet, and, the chrome rings were not available so these are painted body color, and the inner ones are black like the grill.

Detroit Autorama "Roddin At Random"

Shots of interesting stuff from the 2011 Detroit Autorama, just cool stuff that tickles my fancy... no '64 Impalas on Keystones or '69 Camaros

Woodward Cruise 2006

Taken in and around the cruise, a teensy core sample of the cool rides! Detroit rules and rice is for dinner!!

On The Track

The latest and (hah) greatest from the workbench of Ragtop Motor Company... hardbody slot cars ready to put styrene to styrene.

Studebaker GT at Woodward

A few shots of Studebaker Hawk GT details at the Woodward Cruise. Interesting thing is that the GT is a much larger car than it appears in print, and there is a fair amount of surface detail that you have to see up close to appreciate.

Woodward Cruise 2010

Random snaps from the greatest car show on earth

Doc Craft's NASCAR Darkside Shots

Dr. John Craft, noted vintage NASCAR restorer, collector and writer has shared some cool vintage shots with other collectors. We gotta get him a fotki account, too, but he's too busy patching up old Ford race cars.