WELCOME to Ree's page!! Not much just a place for me to share the tags I make (see disclaimers below) for the awesome people in my Yahoo group. You may find some family photos from time to time but most of it will be Disney stuff. Please feel free to take anything you like, just please be courteous to leave a comment message if you are picking up a personal tag made just for you; that way I can account for it, so I don't delete that file until I verify with you personally through email. Well, if you have any questions or comments please contact me. Make sure to sign the guest book when you have time. Have fun & enjoy.

Marie L. Raught (Ree)

**In "NO WAY" do we take credit for the original art. Tag creations & designs were my personal touch with clipart & animations found on the Internet or snagged from others & used for personal use only. Not to be sold, recreated or altered in any way along the sharing process. If any of these designs are your personal creations & would like us to stop sharing them publicly, please send an email along with which design to to promptly be removed. All Disney material & images are trademarks of the The Walt Disney Corporation. Thank-You & enjoy!! --Marie (Ree)--