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I was born in the city of Dayton, Ohio and raised on the east side of the city. I attended Orville Wright Elementary School until graduating 8th grade in spring of 1965. I spent the next 4 years at Wilbur Wright High School, graduating in the Spring of 1969. It would be on November 8, 1965, in my freshmen year of high school, that I would begin my evening routine of reading my Newsweek and U.S. News & World Report magazines when I heard of the crash of American Airlines Flight 383 via WLW Radio in Cincinnati. I listened intently to the coverage of the event through the evening, not imagining the impact that the evening would have on my future endeavors. I entered the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics in the Spring of 1971 and earned a Associate Degree in Specialized Technology {aircraft maintenance} in February 1973. I was recruited by the Grumman American Aviation Corporation for employment at the company's Cuyahoga County Airport facility, building wings and aircraft interiors for their AA-1 and AA-5 product line of private airplanes for general aviation use. By early 1975, I was unemployed due to the deep recession of 1974 and the pending collapse of private aviation. I turned my efforts in a new direction. I took time to understand securities markets {corporate stocks and bonds} and how to invest and trade these instruments. In the early 21st century, I decided to "return" to Pittsburgh, Pa. to study the city's history, steel industry, and labor history. I spent many weekends in the city studying and photographing her urban landscape. By 2005, my work was done in Pittsburgh. It was time to investigate a new city. I chose Cincinnati, Ohio. I began the project in the Spring of 2005 and decided to try out the Anderson Ferry which services commuters wanting a short cut across the Ohio River between Kentucky and Ohio. I crossed the Ohio River and arrived in Kentucky and immediately was reminded of an event that had occurred nearby many decades before, the crash of American Airlines Flight 383. This would be my first project in the Greater Cincinnati area. I gathered my previous research about the accident and began the process of locating the property and property owner where the Boeing 727 had hit the hillside and, before too many months went by, I had the opportunity to visit the site and post the information on the internet. I was stunned by the inquiries I would receive in the following years from family members of victims and witnesses. In January 2009, I decided to expand my research and scope on the story of Flight 383. Today, I am active with the Flight 383/128 Memorial Group of Hebron, Kentucky in historic research and the pursuit of a memorial to honor all those who were impacted by the Cincinnati aviation events of the 1960s. In 2013, I authored the book, "Disasters Near the Greater Cincinnati Airport 1948 to 1968.


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