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A cross section of a few of my “pretty pictures” is at

······ http://bit.ly/RedolentRedundancies

At a quick look through I see photos mainly from NZ, China, India, Hong Kong – but also one or a few from each of Malacca, Malaysia, USA, Switzerland, Australia, Indonesia, Prague, Taiwan, England, Belgium, Germany, Taiwan …

Same photos here – Fotki website - roll mode - use mouse wheel and don't click for a rapid useful viewing mode. Ctrl-Left-Click to open a given image.

······ http://bit.ly/SAMPLEPHOTOS

Same in "roll mode" - an excellent way to view (scroll with mouse-wheel, Ctrl-click to open single images.)

······ http://bit.ly/Sample_Photos_Roll

MY "JOB": My main job is as an electronic design engineer and consultant. My major recent activities relate to developing solar lighting for developing country use- made in China, used in many countries. Also along the way: exercise equipment controllers (Taiwanese made), other solar lighting and solar power work, microcontroller based designs, power electronics, RF telemetry. I also work on design and investigations in a wide range of other technical and engineering fields.

Photography: I am a prolific photographer.
I enjor photography, and I enjoy people enjoying my photos.
I do a small amount of paid photographic work, but very mainly it's a hobby
(or, as my wife says, an obsession :-) ). I have travelled extensively (in recent years mainly in Asia for electronic design work) and “many many photos” happen along the way. China (15 visits), India, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, …. .

Free photos: Photos on my websites – whether taken or journeys, or at events or around NZ or Auckland in general are copyright by me but are free for non-commercial use with attribution. (Formally CC by SA 2 licence). I'll send higher resolution photos on request by email – also no charge.