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What can I say about this journey? Well… I don’t have a great story to tell about why I decided to go natural. It wasn’t really anything terrible about my creamy crack fix (during my adult life. Childhood… different story!). My hair would grow and was silky and shiny for the most part. The only thing or things I should say, that got on my nerves were the following:

--- Couldn’t dye my relaxed hair b/c my hair couldn’t take it. It would fall out every time (the very few times I had it dyed or tried to have it dyed… plus my hair is jet black so the color never REALLY took)
--- Couldn’t find a hair stylist that I REALLY liked and trusted where I live, so I would drive 1 hour away to go to my stylist and 1 hour back (as if she wasn’t charging me 1 arm and 3 legs) needless to say … that got SO old!!!
--- Couldn’t or Wouldn’t exercise properly while relaxed. Yes, I was like a lot of women who relax their hair. I NEEDED to be in the gym, but I would only go on certain days. It would go a little bit like this… If I got my fresh relaxer on Wednesday, I wouldn’t go to the gym on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday b/c my hair was still fresh (most of the time… I learned to sacrifice later on b/c I REALLY wanted to lose weight, but I wasn’t HAPPY about it in the least bit!)

Aside from those things, I chose to go natural to reinvent myself. I like being different and I like expressing myself. What better way to do it than to go natural??!!! So here’s what gave me the boost to do so… FOTKI, my hairstylist, and my friend Crystal!!! One day (in September 06) I was scheduled to take my hour drive to get my relaxer (I had the last on in August 06). I was tired of the same ol’ hairstyle, so I decided to search for new hairstyles via Google. While searching, I came across this young woman’s Fotki page. Her name is Clawz. Her hair was sooooooo FLYY!!!! My friend Crystal had recently told me that she was gonna try to go natural, which she did! So I knew that I would have her encouragement. That coupled with my new found love for Fotki was just the push I needed! I immediately called my hair stylist and cancelled my appointment. I told her that I was going natural, and I wouldn't be getting anymore relaxers. She said ok, with a little disbelief in her voice b/c she knows me so well, but she supported me nonetheless (which is rare in the world of hairstylist, but I guess it's b/c she’s natural too… about 6 years or so, and her hair is FLYY!). So here I am, almost 1 year later, and now 100% natural, free, and LOVING ME!!!!!
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