Red Cross in Pennsylvania

I drove a Red Cross ERV(Emergency Road Vehicle) to Hazelton, Pennsylvania to help in support of flood damage to homes and businesses along the Susquehanna River, creeks and streams.

Spring 2010 Western Trip

California Trip including Joshua Tree, Kings Canyon,Sequoia,Death Vally,Page AZ,Grand Canyon,Upper Antelope Canyon.

My best photos to this point

I put together a group of old and new photos,some more interesting then good and including four from Arian..."Amanda,Elaine with Amanda, Northern Lights and Kite shot". Most of the shots can also be found in the older albums. This puts them together. 455,456,457 are examples of HDR(High Dynamic Range) photography. You shoot one normal shot, one two stops high and one two stops low then merge in a program to give a real nice image where it shows the wide dynamics. Please enjoy... Tom

Mena Arkansas, Tornado April 2009

I went down to Mena as a Volunteer with the Salvation Army. These pictures are of the disaster feeding efforts and some photos of the aftermath of an F3 Tornado that struck April 9, 2009. The town appears to be quite poor and elderly. The images are heart wrenching and recovery will take a long time. Help came from miles around. That was heartening to see and well organized.

Mason City

This is a short collection of Mason City, Iowa.

Mountain Creek Arkansas

This is a new set of photos taken at Mountain Creek.
I met Richard Howard last fall. He told me then that he is knowledgeable about herbs and wild flowers so I asked him then if he was interested in recording some of his information. I have had a couple of sessions with him recorded nearly two hours of HDV video and some still. Here are a few of them... link to a video on Mountain Creek in my videos to the left or go to YOUTUBE and look up Mountain Creek Arkansas for a five part HD video... Tom

The Beck Ranch, North Dakota

In Western North Dakota is a 5000 acre ranch nearly as it was 150 years ago. A great Bad Lands area

I put a 8min video up that you can see in "my videos" or you can view it on under... SchuesslerT.. Even though I shot the video in HDV in order to comply with bandwidth restrictions it was converted to a low res mp4 file...enjoy... Tom

2009 Fayetteville Ice Storm

An Ice storm hits North West Arkansas 2009
Images around Fayetteville and West Fork

Click on any album picture then, on the right, click on slide show to see the pictures in sequence or click on any picture to see a larger view... please enjoy the beauty of nature even amongst the devastation... Tom

This was a good time to try out my new 5D Mark ll

Amtrak trip Fall 2008

The trip started at Kansas City, then to Chicago, Seattle, San Fransisco, Los Angeles.

Click on the picture then, on the right, click on slide show.

2008 Summer

These pictures are a collection from places I have been this summer

Arian and Katie Schuessler

My Son's Marraige... They didn't want me to shoot it but I took a few shots anyway... just for me and you. Enjoy... Tom

san Fransisco Trip 0207

This is just a few of the pictures taken on a trip to the San Francisco area. We started in the city with Golden Gate Bridge, circled north on Hwy 1, around to Yosemite Park, down to the Big Sur area and up through Monterey along 1 also Point Reyes and Ano Nuevo... we spent 10 days on the project.

Fayetteville, Arkansas

A short trip around Fayetteville. I went via the 71 loop, The Devils Den State Park, and north near Beaver Lake(War Eagle Mill and Cave).

June 2006 Trip

Trip to Florida:New Orleans,Gulfport,Biloxi,Pensacola,Apalachacola,/crystal River,Okefanokee Swamp,Great Smokie Mountains,Branson

May 2006

Pella flowers,spring flowers,Mai Village,Suzi Q,Marshal on the street

Butterfly House (Sioux Falls),Kites on Clear Lake Iowa

The Butterfly house in Sioux Falls is a great place to go for everyone. They are gracious to photographers too... First monday and Saturday of the month they open early for them... no public to hassle with. Clear Lake in Feburary... -8 and windy...brrrrr....

Dec 2005 Western Trip

This is a trip to Basque Del Apache NM,Great Sand Dunes in Col., Durango Train, Monument Valley,Bridges Nat. Mon. Canyon Lands,Arches,and Antelope Canyon at Page Az. I traveled with Dr. Harsha Jaywardena. We flew to Phoenix, rented a car and drove 2500 miles in the loop. Hope you enjoy ...Tom

11/2004 D.C. and N C Trip

Trip To Washington DC and North Carolina outer banks

2004 Western Trip

Durango,Silverton,Mesa Verde,Monument Valley,Canyon Lands,Arches,Devils Tower,Rushmore,Wall Etc.

Some I like

There are some that I keep comming back to. Hope you like them too.