Personal Favorites

These are selected on the personal likes of Mike Good and myself. Our only criteria was that they have that outside-the-box creativity that some of us enjoy so much. Any further recommendations are welcome.

The kit collection

This is the collection. More than I could possibly build in my lifetime, but I still plan to build 95% of them. This collection was started in 1980, half was sold in 1990. Some of the kits I sold are worth double now. I started rebuilding the collection in 2000

The Mini Museum

These are models I've collected from some of my favorite builders. I've included stories on how I acquired the piece and a little about the builder. Enjoy.

The Scorpion...One more time.

Making metal parts for another shot at an unfinished model from the days of Gerald Ford.

Bench Warmers

These are project that somehow got left behind on the way to completion. I intend to finish all of them someday. Some of the descriptions are even for completed builds.

The 1:1 59 Bugeye Sprite

This will be the saga of rebuilding and actually finishing the car I drove in High School

On the Bench - The Timbo Challenge - Beauty and The Brick.

So Tim Nolan wanys to play, does he. Lets see if Tim's mega HP 66 HotRod Linclon can stand up to the Lo-Cal Special's slippery styling.

Helping kids

These are my three boys, Kyle, Justin and Sean

Rat Plastic Thrash 2007

For the second year in a row a group of Klowns managed to find a common location to laugh and cobble together some pretty orginal cars from junk box parts.


More models from the boys - Kyle and Justin