I have been a truck driver for 25 years + now, living in the Scottish Borders for most of that time. for the last few months I have been working in Norway driving for a Heavy haulage company doing windmills over there(July07) Due to a injury at work, or I should say through many years of abuse to my back it finally gave up.(nearly 2 yr at home) thats when I started collecting photographs as a hobby along with trying to make scale model trucks as well as collecting truck brochures etc. Most pictures on this site have been taken by me, friends or bought from other photographers as well as some from other people who I do ask if I can use them, if the photographer can be found. Unfortunatley there maybe a few pictures which I dont have the owners consent / copyright to use. This being the case please let me know and I will try to sort it amicably. I hope you enjoy your visit to this site and if you have any stuff I could use please feel free to send it to me, I will add a link to your site. If you have photo's that you would like to add please feel free to send them to me. This site was started by me to let people see images / photo's, which they may have memories of seeing in their life in transport, places / companies past or present sometimes even faces. The photo's are updated as and when I get the time. IF YOU WISH TO CONTACT ME PLEASE DO SO VIA E MAIL TO THE FOLLOWING brianedgar_047@msn.com Thanks
Brian Edgar