FabnFree - Couple of new pics!!!
FabnFree - Couple of new pics!!!(SharEdd) avatar
Update 12/27/09!!!! (19 months since BC)
Hey peoples! I've been so busy trying to get my business up and running that I haven't really had time to focus on my hair or try any new styles. My routine is super simple. I only use two products, Olive Oil Cholesterol and Olive Oil Eco Style Gel, you can both get from Sally Beauty Supply for super cheap. Lately I've been wearing a wash and go or a ponytail. I'm not one that believes that you have to make your hair your life to keep it healthy. Isn't that why I went natural. Naturals talk about people with relaxers being obsessed with their hair, but then they go natural and get even worse. I don't deep condition or cleanse all the time and my hair is perfectly healthy. All I can say is that it is growing super fast. I've posted a few pictures from August, Septermber, and October. I will try to post some new pictures in January or February.

Be blessed,


Update!!!! 05/23/08
I DID IT! The chop is done! I feel great! I'm so proud of myself and my husband for chopping it all off. I was expecting him to be shocked when I told him I wanted to cut my relaxed hair off, but he just said okay. I'm posting a few pics tonight. I'm sure I'll be camera crazy for the next few weeks so check for updates. YEAH I DID IT!!!!!!!!


Last Relaxer: 01/?/08 (I'm not really sure because I really didn't
plan on going natural when I put that last relaxer in, but it
was at the end of the month)

Transition: About 4 months

BC: 05/23/08

I am so greatful to God for my wonderful husband and daughter. My husband has supported me throught this whole process. I know that he truly loves me and the beauty inside. He is the epitome of a God fearing man and head of our household. He's my man 100 grand ,lol. My daughter Danielle is a wonderful, energetic and intelligent two year old. She is always into something, loves to talk and sing. She is a bright shining star. I love my family and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Everyday I strive to be a better living example of God's love for us.

My painful journey with chemicals started when I was four years old. I received my first relaxer when I was 4. Then I got a Wave Nouveau (Curly Perm) when I was 5. Back to a relaxer at 10. Then back to a Wave Nouveau as 12. And back to a relaxer at 14. Yes, it was horrible. Although the curly perm isn't as hard on your hair as a relaxer I still wouldn't advise getting one because you will get so bored with it. You can't really style it. You just wear it curly all the time. It's not versatile at all. I have a long history with chemicals. If that wasn't bad enough, when I first became pregnant with my daughter I didn't understand the degree of hormonal change your body goes through. Therefore, I was shocked to see negative response when I put a relaxer on my hair about two months into my pregnancy. I had horrible chemical burn all over my scalp. When I went to my stylist she told me that my hair would break off if I stopped putting relaxers on my head, but she didn't say why. So I continued putting relaxers on my head and the scabs from the burns got worse and worse until my whole scalp ended up snow white. My scalp was so bad that I couldn't even part my hair anymore because it looked gross. After finding the right dermatologist I found out that I had gotten some kind of infection on my scalp and I am now treating it with a medicated shampoo and drops.
To say the least, I am now terrified of putting anymore chemicals on my head. I've been relaxer free since January and I'm so excited to be transitioning to natural. I've been getting a lot of practice on how to care for natural hair on my two year old daughter. However, I haven't been able to get too creative with her because she is not going to sit for too long or sleep with a satin cap on her head, lol. My husband and family are so supportive. I'm starting my natural journey and I'm never looking back! If anyone has any advice on styling and products for me or my daughter please feel free to share.

God Bless You All,


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