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Basically , I am a college student in my Senior year. Graduation yay! :) I attend college in Atlanta, GA and have officially become an A town girl lol.

I have two majors, english and spanish. I speak spanish pretty well, a lot of people say I am fluent, but I wont say it until I feel it...and I still feel like I need more practice :). I am here primarily to make friends and document my hair journey.

For my 20th birthday (01/28/09) I decided to chop all remnants of my permed hair off. I was tired of putting chemicals in my hair. My mother is horrible when it comes to hair care, which is why for years I was misinformed and misled. I used to get perms every 4-6 weeks, and my hair went from thick to extremely thin. My first perm was at the age of 6 because my mom couldnt handle it in its natural state. I grew up in perms, weaves, braids, clip ons, ....always running away from my true hair. I was raised to think that it was ugly, as my mom despises any type of natural hair. I love my mom, but for my own sake, I knew this was the decision I had to make for myself and for the sake of my hair. My hair deserves to be healthy and I will give it what it deserves.

I believe my hair is 4b type. I am still a newbie about everything even though it has been a year now. But I saw fotki, nappturality, and LHCF and fell in love with all the advice. As well as youtube and all the natural hair journeys. All of these resources encouraged me to start my own journal, in order to encourage other sisters as well as myself in this journey to our true selves.

Would love to make friends, I need as much support as I can get!

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Monday, February 2, 2009
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English and Spanish
natural hair journey, big cut, 4b hair
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