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Hello ALL,

NEW NEWS: Nappy Rūtz T-shirt and Earring designs are available for purchase.

Are you tired of wearing those same old store bought T-shirts and earrings, then Nappy Rūtz is just for you. I am happy to announce the launch of Nappy Rūtz T-shirts and handmade earring designs. T-shirts and earrings specifically designed with a natural woman in mind.




I built this album over the course of a few days but have pics from previous years of my hair journey. Yes, procrastination got the best of me for years but was determined to get this done. When asked several years ago if I would do the natural thing like my little sis, I would have told you h_ll naw. I've said for many years that I would NEVER wear my hair NAPPY. Never say NEVER! I have documented my hairstyles over the years with the anticipation of building a blog of some sort and clearly so many have beaten me to the punch. There's so much more out there than there was several years ago when I first became natural. My first 2 years of becoming natural was a bit different from the typical. I went from perm to natural by way of press. Like most, I didn't do the "BIG CHOP."

I allowed my stylist to persuade me into transitioning from perm to press by simply pressing the new growth and flat ironing the permed hair until it all grew off a year and some months later. Mr. Nobles was quite educated and had many years of experience in working with natural hair. While in transition my hair fell out only on the edges, as this is normal when transitioning. Luckily my hair grew back quickly and I had enough hair to wear a swoop bang for a few weeks to cover my edges. Becoming chemical free wasn’t so bad; I was still able to obtain my length plus much more. Years later would I have gone about it differently, NO. Am I a lot more educated about natural hair since 8+ years ago, YES!

For 2 1/2 FAITHFUL years I threw money down the drain by getting my hair FRIED, DYED and LAYED to the side every 2 weeks. SHOUT OUT TO M. Nobles, now residing in Cali. Don’t get me wrong my hair was beautiful but I paid anywhere from $55-$80 every two weeks, you add that up. I would not suggest pressing your hair on a regular basis. He held me hostage for 3 hours every other week. I wish I had my time and money back. Because I was so dependent of Michael’s services, it wasn’t until he took a short leave from the salon for me to see the light. Once I heard that, I didn't know what to do! Press my own hair?, Whateva! So I decided to get two-strand twists with extensions. Can't quite remember if I kept them in for 1 or 2 months but they were in for a while. Anywho, once I took the twists out it was OVA, I was like, awww now shut CHO MOUTH, I love the crinkles in my hair. Immediately, I fell in love with the waves the twists left in my hair. Enough said and the rest is history I never went back. Initially my hair did not have its natural texture for quite some time because of the continuous heat for 2 ½ years. I then started to tackle shampooing and styling my own hair, which wasn’t a problem. Had no idea what I was getting myself into and boy was I in for a journey.

I stuck with what I knew for the first year, which was the wavy fro, no more no less. The fro got old after a while and I was destined to find another do.

As for my products, I have used many over the years and am still in the process of finding new ones. I use to be the queen of mixing ingredients and making my own concoctions but have since then done away with that. Needless to say, I have inspired several to become natural and will continue to spread my love for natural hair.

I am chemical free for more than 8 years later and will NEVER go back “CUZ I’M CHEAP!
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