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So far this has been a long and rewarding journey. This is the healthiest my hair has been since I was a little girl and I pray that I can see my ultimate goal within the near future. I went from relaxed, damaged and over processed hair to NATURAL HAIR (one of the best things I ever did thanks to the CROWN & GLORY method and NAPPTURALITY ) back to relaxed (TEXLAXED). This time around, I'm armed with the right tools and support thanks to the wonderful women on KISS, FOTKI & LHCF. I'm still working on a few things but at least I KNOW MY HAIR NOW and I've learned to listen to it. With the help of all you AMAZING WOMEN I can't go wrong!!!!




-Cathy Howse Challenge - started 1/12/08 and will continue forever!
(I've changed to using the peppermint oil in my DC only in the summer)
ETA: I haven't been following this exactly. I've only been following some of this and it seems to be working for now. Still not using the peppermint tired of my hair smelling like peppermint.

-I'm a KISS girl

-Relaxer: Mizani Butter Blends {touch-up every 3-4 months}

-Touch-ups: DIY

*2/13/10 First touch-up of the year after a little over a 14 week stretch.
No trim - haven't dusted since 11/5/09....need to though.
*5/22/10 which makes 14 weeks. I trimmed about an inch all over.
*8/28/10 another 14 weeks. Trimmed 1/2 inch all over.
*11/13/10 so this time I waited only 11 weeks....I had some serious new growth this time. No trim or dusting.
*3-11-11 makes it 17 weeks. Still haven't trimmed or dusted (basically because some of my hair has reached past BSL but I'm waiting a little longer before I trim it back to BSL).

-Heat Use: Blow dry with H2 ION then flat iron the week before touch-up so that I can complete my touch-up without ripping out my hair, after touch-ups when I'm going to trim/dust and for special occasions.

-Henna/Indigo: Will probably do one in March (ETA: didn't do this in March so now I'm shooting for sometime this fall). As of 4/2011 still haven't done my henna/indigo. I may wait until after the summer.

-Only Comb my hair 1x per week (wash day) but I now brush my edges only with a soft boar bristle brush to smooth (Bad...I know). Working to correct this. 2011 still haven't corrected this.

-Wash w/shampoo 1x per week (Porosity Control Shampoo, ORS Olive Oil Aloe shampoo, John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette Moisturizing shampoo or Vatika Henna Cream Conditioning shampoo). My all time favorite shampoo is CON original formula but I can't find it anymore. I do like all of the above shampoo though...they don't strip my hair. (ETA: I've started mixing Porosity Control Shampoo with John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette Moisturizing shampoo and I'm loving it!).

-Conditioner wash: I rarely do this anymore but when I do (which is only in the summer), I use NTM Daily Deep Conditioner mixed with John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette Moisturizing Conditioner.) I usually just add an extra wash during the week (in the summer only or on the rare occasion that I work out like I should but I still only DC 1x per week because I'm lazy). ETA: I haven't co-washed all summer or added an extra shampoo.....just shampooing/deep conditioning 1x per week.

-Deep Condition 1x per week w/heating cap on dry hair for 20-30 minutes before wash. Winter: BABA De CORACOL, BOMBA or Silk Elemets MegaSilk moisturizing treatment. Which ever one I use, I always coat my hair with Porosity Control conditioner then EVOO, Coconut oil, Amla oil or almond oil after applying my deep conditioner and before using my heating cap. This way I get my deep conditioning and a hot oil treatment all in one. Summer: Mane & Tail mixed with EVOO, coconut oil, peppermint oil, SAA, Roux Porosity Control, Amla oil & Motions Moisturizing conditioner). I use Aphogee (the hardcore one) followed by my regular DC a week before each touch-up. (ETA: so far this summer I've been mixing one of my winter conditioners with EVOO, Porosity Control Conditioner and silk amino acids for my deep conditioning. I will re-start the Cathy Howse Method a week after my touch-up which is the last full week of August.) As of 2011 still haven't started this w/peppermint oil.

-Clarify with Baking Soda mixed in with my shampoo when I feel it's needed. (Usually 1x per month) ETA: 2011 haven't done this in a while but I may do it sometime this month (April).

-Leave-ins: (Favorites) Rusk Smoother, NTM Silk Touch Leave-in, ORS Olive Oil Cream (on ends only), Cantu shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream, Fructis leave-in conditioning cream sleek & shine, Nexxus Humectress, Lacio Lacio, Frizz Ease Serum, NTM Serum, Mane & Tail.
In my spray bottle for added moisture & strength - S-Curl, Infusium 23, Distilled water. ETA: 2011 - I've been strictly using the Fructis, Chi Keratin Mist, Straight Guard, Silk Infusion, Herbal Essences None of your Frizzness and Fructis Anti-Frizz Serum.

-Oils for sealing: My all time favorite is Castor oil mixed with evoo or mixed with Amla oil which I use at least every other night on my scalp and a small amount on the length of my hair. (ETA: I'm currently using castor oil and Ama oil mix ....using EVOO in deep conditoning mix). I also use Coconut oil, Vatika oil, Amla oil and ORS Olive Oil Creme (for last 2-3 inches of hair only) and I love them all. AMLA OIL HAS SIGNIFICANTLY DECREASED MY SHEDDING.

Because of work outs and performing on stage, I don't perspire......I SWEAT......A I wear braid outs 95% of the time. I spray my hair at night with distilled water mix, add my leave-in, seal w/ oil add then put into 5-6 braids (2 braids if I'm lazy). In the morning I add leave-ins & oil to the ends of my braids then unravel the braids for a braidout or braidout pony sometimes leaving a few pieces hanging out in front. Whenever my band performs, I wear a braid out and I don't have to worry about sweating out my hair since my new growth blends in. I believe air drying and limiting heat use has made an incredibly positive difference in the health and growth of my hair. (ETA: I've been lazy so during the week I wear a pony, bun or two ponytails in two strand twists. I've been airdrying in the 2 ponys with twist because my hair drys quicker, straighter and my ends don't get as tangled. I still wear braidouts when my band plays).

I have tons of different rollers but I've realized that I'm too lazy and don't have the patience to sit under a dryer for the amount of time it takes to dry. I'll continue to try and overcome this problem. As of January 2009 - I've found that using mesh rollers works better for me (cuts down on drying time) but I've realized that rollersetting is only good for me within the first 8 weeks after a relaxer. If I go too far past that time, my newgrowth is too unrulely & I don't want to use any extra heat blowing out or flat ironing my roots. I also need to find something to add to my hair to help hold the curl that doesn't make my hair hard. I've tried using a very small amount of Lotta Body with a large amount of water. I can't seem to find the right balance. If I use enough to hold the curl, it makes my hair hard/dry and if I use less, it doesn't hold the curl at all.(curls don't last more than 1/2 hour)

-Vitamins: Womens multi, Calcuim w/vitamin D, 1000 mg Flax seed oil, Chlorella, Chlorophyll, Spirulina, Super Green Max Plus, 81 mg Apirin and I drink Monavie faithfully. (ETA: sometimes use Fish oil instead of Flax seed oil, haven't been taking Chlorella, Chlorophyll, Spirulina or Green Max Plus).

Need to start taking extra iron daily for my anemia, sprinkling ground flax seed on my cereal & oatmeal faithfully and drinking more water.



Full APL by the end of 2008 - Accomplished 11/22/08

Full BSL by summer hopefully - Accomplished but not exactly sure when since I haven't been really documenting with pics. It happened sometime in 2010. All I know is it took toooooooo loooooong!

MBL by the end of 2010. As of 4/2011 some say I have reached it by a few strands but.....I haven't ..... Yet ;~)

Wish me Luck ;~)

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