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I'm in love with ART. Dark Gothic Art to be exact. I'm interested in Photo Manipulations and I use several different art programs to create an alternate world, that I like to call my own. Sit back, hang on and enjoy the ride, cause Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.

For any and all complaints about my site, please use the email link listed to make your complaints known. Recently, I have had a problem with someone (s) who thought it would be fun to complain about my Fotki link that I put in all of my emails. Oh my, someone must be (a) Too bored for words (b) Jealous of me as all hell, for some mentally deranged reason (c) just about a big weenie. Just to let you know that you only caused me a mometary problem, and now you need to find a new thing to express yourself and your mental problems with. Ta Ta.

For the Copyright Police that try to make others lives miserable this part is for you.

Compulsory Licenses:

Generally, the exclusive rights granted by the United States Copyright
Act (described in detail in the BitLaw section on the scope of
copyright protection) may be exercised as the copyright owner sees
fit. If an author of a manuscript does not want the manuscript
published or distributed, the author as the copyright owner can
prevent publication and distribution. Similarly, these rights can be
controlled through licenses however the copyright owner desires
(described in more detail in the BitLaw discussion on copyright
transfers and licensing). However, several limited exceptions to this
rule have been made in the Copyright Act under the guise of compulsory
licenses. These compulsory licenses allow third parties to copy,
perform, or distribute certain types of works without the copyright
owners permission, in exchange for which the third parties must pay a
predetermined royalty amount.

These compulsory licenses are extremely limited, and apply in only
five circumstances:

* the production of new sound recordings based upon an existing
nondramatic musical recording;
* the performance of a nondramatic musical recording in a jukebox;
* the simultaneous retransmission of television signals by cable
television operators;
* the performance, display and recordal of certain works by public
broadcasting entities; and
* a temporary right to retransmit television signals via satellite
to household satellite dishes.

Before taking advantage of any of these compulsory licenses, an
individual should consult with a knowledgeable copyright attorney.


**So basically any of us that are buying these licenses from them are
buying them for something that we don't even need them for because
none of the work we do falls into any of these categories listed above!!!

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Thursday, September 14, 2006
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I miss seeing you around
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Like OMG OMG I have been trying to find you for over a yr now
you made me an awesome tag that I can not forget and still love to use
Pretty please will you send me a link to your tag group
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Happy Holidays!
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