I have spent many years making tags. I have learnt a lot about copyright and tag and law violations, so I am entrusting that you will snag these tags as a PERSONAL level and not right click and save to a group enmass.
I do trust there are still some nice people out there.

I have had my work taken and displayed without my permission eventhough I have spend a long time and money purchasing tubes and things for my hobby. I felt that I now am going to take things in my own hands and display my tags MYSELF for you to enjoy.

I do manage [along with some friends I have know for years] a tagging PSP copyright aware group you will find us here:

I don't always follow tutorials, so some are and will be [as time permits] original ideas out of my head LOL

If you want to request tags, you can do so at my MSN group site.Or, if you see a tag you want, and I have the template you can ask me in the guest book and I will gladly deliver it to you when next online.

I will be adding to these albums gradually so please keep checking back.

If you see my tags anywhere else, at least you will now know who created them........ME!

If you can't stop people being disrespectful I thought, hmm why not open a Snag fotki myself to keep an eye on things better and get to know the snaggers.

Please leave a comment now and again as its nice to know someone is out there making this worthwhile for me and pleasing someone elses enjoyment.

Hugs Sue