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The TTgallery started off as a simple and small collection of photos that I had at my personal fotki website. As I began documenting mods and gathering photos of other's TTs to ponder wheels and other cosmetic decisions, the collection of photos I had grew.

Before long I noticed an increased amount of traffic visiting that original album of TT pics. Soon, other enthusiasts were sending me their photos to share with the world.

The collection grew rapidly and soon got out of hand. A total revamp was needed. I seperated the TT picture album from my personal site. Thereby creating the "TTgallery!"

This is the 6th version of the TTgallery.
**v1- a simple photo album at my personal fotki
**v2- a large photo album with a couple of specific albums. Began to notice increased traffic to the TT and car albums.
**v3- changed co-branded code at my personal site to reflect my love for the Audi TT due to the "large" viewing traffic at the TT section of my site.
**v4- seperated the then known "gallery" from my personal site using similar code from my personal fotki site. This code was not geared for the gallery. A quick fix due to job demands at the time.
**v5-temporary code change from original code. Reorganized folders for easier navigation.
**v6- the site that you see now! minor tweaks will occur.

The TTgallery has earned a following throughout the world and averages over 1,500 hits per day! I see traffic spikes occassionally of over 7,000 hits.

The TTgallery has become my pseudo part-time job. A real labor of love. I do my best to keep the TTgallery updated but sometimes I get behind ( I do have a real job :p ).

If you would like your TT to appear in the gallery, please send your photos to ttgallery"at"

If anything, drop us a line or two in the guestbook. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here. Thanks for visiting.


Below, find "fotki" friends of the TTgallery. TT owners who also share their love for their Audi TTs at Many of whom the gallery is thankful for their contributions and support.
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Tuesday, June 8, 2004
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