Models for Magazines

Over the years, I've written many stories for model car magazines and others. Here are some of those models.


Just history from the early days until now....

It figures....

These are mostly 1/24 figures I've been painting. Some are plastic kit items, while others are resin or metal.

Works In Progress

Some of my model projects as they come together....

Little Motorcycles

These are 1/24 scale motorcycles, primarily factory-assembled diecast and plastic models.

T Set

These are all models based on various Ford Model T kits.

The "Where Were You In '62" Challenge

The idea here is to build a model which first appeared in or before 1962, and to keep it consistent with the era, both in automotive and in model terms. So no photoetch or other aftermarket parts. No real winner here other my favorite, although the builder of my favorite will get some interesting items.

Models for Books

Between 1996 and 2000, I did four books on model building--one with Bill Coulter and Pat Covert, and three others of my own. The models in this album were built for those books.
I have only some of these models. Many were sold or given away to make room for others. Those with multiple shots are the models I kept, and show the models as they appear today.

Tom Daniel Challenge 2017

The idea was to start with a Monogram Tom
Daniel kit and build from there.

The Work Bench

This is my work bench and my display cases.

The "Hot Rod Model Kits" Challenge

To commemorate the 15th anniversary of my book "Hot Rod Model Kits," I issued a challenge on the Spotlight Hobbies Message Board to build a hot rod. These were posted on the site starting September 30th and collected here.

Long gone....

These are model projects and finished models that I've sold, traded, or given away over the years. In some cases the black and white photo is all I have.

E-Hobbies Monogram T/A Challenger

This was built for an online story for E-Hobbies about 2000. Just found some photos, so added them here.

"Light Commercial"

For years, I've built models of light commercial vehicles--trucks, vans, light fire and rescue vehicles, and 4X4s. "Light Commercial" was the title of a column I wrote for Scale Auto Enthusiast magazine for about 16 years.

Movie and TV Car Model Projects

Movie and TV "hero" cars are my latest favorite. These are a few of the models in the works.

The Veteran Motorcar

"The Veteran Motorcar" is a British term that describes antique and classic automobiles. I used that term as a title for a story I did for "Car Modeler" magazine in 2002.

Modelhaus 1962 Chrysler Newport Enforcer

This will be an ongoing project. First are reference photos of the car (apparently the last surviving example). Those will be followed by photos of the kit and build process. The reference photos came from an eBay auction listing when the car was for sale last year.


These are models of cars that have run or have set the Land Speed Record. All are in 1/25 scale.

Models For AMT Corporation

For about five years in the early '90s I built proposal, box art, and show display models for the AMT Corporation.