TheHairChallenge(October 2010 updates)
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This is a serious challenge to achieve optimal hair growth results through a healthy hair care regimen.

Candace - Hair fanatic!! I want to achieve long, healthy hair!!
I plan on using the following products:

Olive Oil Relaxer
Aubrey Organics HSR
Giovanni Deep Moist Condish
Giovanni 50:50 Condish
Castor Oil (drugstore version)
Jane Carter Nourish and Shine
NTM Leave In
GVP of Joico K-Pak
Tressemme Natural Moist Condish
GVP of Paul Mitchell "Super Skinny Serum" (loves it)
Roux Porosity Control
ACV rinses

After months of trying products, spending a whole lot $$$, and patience. I have finally found my regimen..that works!!


My hair loves moisture..I mean my hair loves water and conditioner!!!

I co-wash 2-4 times weekly..and dc once a week with heat.

My current staples are Aubrey Organics..I especially love HoneySuckle Rose, Tressemme Natural Moist Condish, Giovanni Condishes..I use these for my co-washes.

I also use the HSR, Giovanni Deep Mosit Condish, GVP version of Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm.

My hair doesn't like silcones, so I use them sparingly, only in my styling products: serum and leave in. Looking for a silicone-free leave in and serum.

I've found that my hair loves creamy products...anything oily or heavy. My hair hates!! I have to use castor oil very sparingly. Also I can't so spray / protein- ish leave ins, it does nothing for me. I need creamy, moisturizing ones.

I have fine strands...but they are very dense...which gives the appearance of thick hair.

I seal 3x weekly..depending on my hair..and what it needs..

I moisturize and seal with my fav leave in and castor oil when damp...when dry I use Jane Carter Nourish and Shine and a bit of leave in.

I am trying to incorporate prepooing into my regimen. ( though I only shampoo 1x a month- shampooing dries my hair out terribly!!)

I use Amla, Maka (my fave) and Brahmi 2-3x monthly.

I comb only 1-2 lately once a week with my dc.

I use a Jibere shower comb..and I detangle in the shower..with a head full of conditioner....under the running water...from the bottom up to the roots..

I have found that this really helps my hair..I have minimal shedding...less than I would detangling on my dry hair.

I wear my hair in braids-outs mostly..but I keep my hair pinned up..with magic hair clips ( love them).

I can't do ponytail any shape, form, or fashion..I WILL get I use the magic hair clips...

It keeps my hair off of my shoulders..and away from the elements...which I contribute to retaining my length..

Since my hair is's very fragile..and needs to moisturized and protected a good bit of the time...

I do light protein weekly ....harder protein a week before and a week after my relaxer...and as needed...

Here lately...I have been doing a protein co-wash! With no breakage..stiffness...or hard hair is more accepting of protein!!

DC'ing with heat is a must for me...I tried to dc without heat..and got breakage...(30 min)

I flat iron 1-2 times every 2-3 months...I rarely use heat...but if I have somewhere to go...I will use heat...

I'm not anti-heat..I think it should be used sparingly..though..

Also..I never lay my head down on anything..unless I have my satin scarf on...

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