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I am an automobile enthusiast and I enjoy as one of my hobbies model building. I collect many reference photos of a subject (car or truck) that I am interested in and I post them on my Fotki. I hope other model makers can use these photos as well. Note, that all photos that I use form the internet were photos that could be copied. I do not have the knowledge to download photos that are protected from being copied, nor would I want to down load any photos that were protect in any way. It is impossible for me to contact every person who has photos on the internet for permission to copy them. You would think that if someone did not want their photos copied, they would have these photos protected against coping. I have never made a penny on photos I have copied and never will. Also note, that many times “protected photos” are copied by pirates and posted on the internet, so there are times I may be coping a protect photo and not know this. If you find any photos on any of my albums that are your property and you do not want them on my site, please let me know and I will immediately remove them. It may take a day or two before I see your request, yet I will remove them as soon as I get you request. These photos are for people to enjoy and nothing else.
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Tuesday, January 15, 2002
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