Lonely Kings

Lonely Kings was a club I joined in late 1993 , some of these pictures I took myself and some I found on the web thru the years so thanks for all that post pictures of the Lonely Kings , I try to collect them for all to enjoy . Crusing with these guys were really fun , chairing the love for customs cars and crusing to clubs and carshows , we went to Westcoast kustoms PasoRobles show , Blessing of the cars , Back to the beach , The hootenanny , Watson show in Norco , accually that was the event I meet the club for the first time . Tons of great memorys !

Römö 2017 Susies mobile pictures

She took the good once , I took the award once ... and you can see how they turned out !

Elmia 2011 Wendesday afternoon

It really happend , Hirohata Merc left the California soil for Sweden and I got to see it for the first time in my life , unreal experience , Im a happy camper now !

-49 Mercury

A ride in Rogers -49 Merc scouting the route for the Customs and Kustoms cruise 2017 . I brought this car in the early spring of 1988 and owned it for a few months until I found my first -51 Merc so this was my first -49-51 Merc , I never did anything with it other then pushing it in and out of my garage but I was very happy finding it , sold it when my second Merc was on its way home . In june 2017 was the first time I rode it , what an experience to ride in a chopped Merc , try it , your life will never be the same !

1962 Ford surf wagon

Patrik came by with his latest ride , a -62 Ford woodie surf wagon , "surfs up" , "hang ten" , check out the hula girl on the dash and the lovely era ride !

2017 Påängen meet

Påängen is a new meet arranged by Niklas Lindgren at his farm outside Lerum Sweden , the weather was perfect and after a uplifting drive in my Merc the grassy field opend up in front of me showing among others Niklas own fantastic cars , built in the eithies and very rarely seen -32 Cadillac V16 roadster built by Niklas in the eighties and the resently completed -31 Auburn V12 boattail roadster also built by Niklas . Both these cars have scrach built custom frames and bodys in sheetmetal , coachbuilding is alive and well in Lerum ! Three other cars Niklas own was on display , the -35 Ford roadster , the -40 Ford pickup and the rarer then rare -34 Hupmobile 3window coupe project , I never seen the Cadillac V16 or the Hupmobile outside in the open so this was a big day for me !

Påängen: is a play with Swedish words , first meening is on the field which the meet was on , second meening is "to the point " , "poäng" which Påängen sounds like when read , and "to the point" this meeting was indeed , with Swedich farmland and surrounding forest at its greenest and perfect weather it was borderline a dreamlike experience !

Thanks Niklas for a great meet !