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Road Touring. Have taken my Yamaha over a big part of the desert southwest mostly in West Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. I believe that I've taken my bike down every little road in New Mexico. Some of my freinds insist that some of those roads weren't roads.

I don't ride much in my home state, Missouri; because I believe that as the early settlers moved West they misspelled Missouri after they pronounced it misery.

Almost all of the photos to be found here were taken by yours truly. The few exceptions are listed and clearly identified.

I love taking photos as a hobby and, while not very good at it, I hope that you too will enjoy some of what I placed in Fotki's care.

Tom Hucker, my Dad died 4/23/05 of a heart attack. This was his sight and I intend to maintain it in his honor. Thanks Adam Hucker
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Thursday, May 8, 2003
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5 years 6 months ago
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Photography! Road touring on my old 1981 Yamaha XS-1100, seeing family and good friends enjoy themselves. Taking life easy while trying to keep on the sunny side of life. Tom Hucker, my Dad died 4/23/05 of a heart attack. This was his sight and I int
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