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Conversion Regimen (Currently in the Trial Stages) Effective August 2007:

Texlax- Using Organic Roots Stimulator Regular. I mix Conditioner & Oil into my relaxer. I also saturate my tresses with Olive oil before I apply the mix. I part my hair into 4 large sections, then begin to apply the relaxer only to the roots. I don't smooth my hair, and I only let it stay in for about 10 minutes top.

Week 1 & 2: Although my hair is texlaxed, when its flat ironed or straightened it looks fully relaxed. It last this way for about 2 weeks. So for the first 2 weeks after my relaxer I wear it in a plastic banana clip . My strands are fine but my hair is thick., so I am cautious about my ends especially after I get it flat ironed. Every night of each month I BAGGY! I don't put anything in my baggy unless my ends feel rough. At that time I will apply a few drops of Wild Growth to them. My hair retains oils, so I only apply oils as needed to my ends. I do not use a lot of things on my scalp because I believe in keeping my pours clear making it easier for the newer hair to come in. Maintenance is kept very light during these weeks. No Combing unless its in the shower on a wash day. On other days, I simply gather my hair back with my hands and finger comb it to fit in the clip.

(September Update: I am no longer wet bunning or bunning my hair! I have notice the longer my hair gets the longer my ends are which I have to tuck around a sock bun which was causing breakage. I am using a plastic banana clip to put my hair into a pony tail. The longer my hair gets, the higher I will put the banana clip so that my ends are hanging, but never brushing against my clothing)

Week 3 & 4: I wash my hair with any kind of Shampoo mixed with a Moisturizer Conditioner & Apple Cider Vinegar on the Saturday or Sunday. Usually an oil or a conditioner with silicones. My hair likes silicones! I also Deep Condition my hair during the last week with whatever conditioner I am getting rid off. During Week 3, I heat up an oil and apply it to my ends. That night, I secure them with plastic baggies in 2 pony's.

In between the normal routine, I wash with Con's whenever I feel the need and comb my hair with the flow of the water while in the shower. Trims every 5 months or longer. I am currently learning to incorporate the Lunar Moon Cycle for Growth into the trimming portion of my regimen. Afterwards, I apply a hair Gloss once trimmed and styled.

**Update as of Sept 2007, I no longer Blow Dry my hair unless its a special event! I have gotten a routine thats works with my hair for airdrying...YEEEAA~finally! Right after a wash or a cowash, while my hair is dripping wet, I slather on a Conditioner Then seal it with coconut oil. I braid the ends in a fat loose braid and gradually add more oils as it dries. It is usually fully dry by day #3 then, its back into a banana clip. I am also no longer washing my hair with warm or hot water. My hair responds like you would never believe to cold water washes & rinses.

I am learning that Keepin it Simple, and Keeping Hair Light, is Best! Low maintenance is the key as well and watching what works for "your" hair!

Operation 2ND Year Hair Growth Journey(Currently Tweaking the following. Will post my new and improved regimen by the end of august:

-Hair Growth & Health Diet
-Exercise Routine (This ones going to be the hardest for me, i am sooo not athletic)

.......Coming Soon!

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