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Been natural for 6 years - after having my son - my hair changed drastically. Ironcially enough - I did not get my first relaxer until I was 18 years old. I went natural at the age of 31. So 13 years of damage done.

Alopecia areata runs in my family - once I had my son - I could see the effects of it.

Over the past 6 years of being natural - I have never worn "just" my hair due to the alopecia. I have worn wigs, twists, cornrows, and sewn in weave.

Just started going to a dermatologist to get the alopecia treated - how surprised was I to find that it is an autoimmune disease (when the immune system confuses normal body tissue, "self", with a foreign intruder, and attacks it) - which also runs in my family but is manifest in different ways through arthritis, eczema and diabetes.

Anyway - I hope that taking my hair completely back to its natural state with limited manipulation and no foreign "hair" added will help relieve some of the stress to my hair follicles and in turn help it to grow.

Please share any advice as I go through this journey about locs, growing hair, herbal remedies etc. I am open!!
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