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All my life I thought that Black girls were suppose to have their hair permed before hitting the teenage years or adult years. I just thought that was the way it was suppose to be since every Black girl and woman around me, including family and friends, had permed hair. I thought that nappy hair was unattractive and that only Africans could were their hair like that. (As if we are totally different from them.) Little did I know, I was BRAINWASHED!!!

Don't get me wrong, I had cute hairstyles when I had the relaxer. Thank GOD my hair was still thick because so many women lost their thickness when they relaxed their hair. Not even, some women lost their hair. My only complaint was that my hair and scalp was SOOOOOO dry and I often had to trim my split ends. Also I was tired of those scalp burns that literally glued my hair to my scalp so I could not take my wrap out the next day. I thought why should I have to go through this for the rest of my life. Why should any Black woman go through this?

That is when I woke up and at 19 years old, I stopped perming my hair. I had my last perm in August 2003 and became 100% natural in November 2003 due to my impatience having two textures on my head. I got mixed comments more bad than good such as "What POSSESSED you to do that?", "WHY?", "Why did you cut it all off, you had such nice hair?" (Oh gee, thanks for that wonderful compliment!), "DANG, yo hair is NAPPY", and my favorite one "I thought for a second 'I hope you dont have cancer!'". Can you believe that???? Sadly, :( those comments were made from the Black girls in my school. But I learned to not care about what people say and I have fully embraced what the good Lord has given me, which is NAPPY HAIR. This is how He made me and I just have to be thankful for what He has given me.

I think it is just remarkable that "we" are the only ones that have this kind of hair and the fact that we can wear a range of so many styles.

So far I love my journey being natural. The only problem that I have with being natural is thinking of new styles....but I am learning as time goes by and as my hair gets longer. :) If it was not for I would have probably went back to a perm but then again, I decided to go natural before I became a Nappturality member. But that website is such an inspiration. I just want people to know that this is not a fad or a phase or some type of trend, this is for life and this is a true awakening. I'd like to call this a Natural Hair Renaissance.
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