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I am a self-taught photographer and photo retoucher with 4 years experience. Originally from Ukraine I have been living in the UK for almost 5 fascinating years with my family - husband and 13 year old son. Working hard on improving my photography and photoshop skills I achieved a lot and have won some prestigious contests including international Digital Imagine Competition sponsored by Adobe with my work published in the After Capture magazine and another work featured in the Honorable Mention section in the same contest. One of my images was selected for the international exhibition in the Digital Art Museum in San Diego, California .

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MOST OF MY ALBUMS ARE HIDDEN FOR THEIR CONTENT AND ARE VISIBLE TO THOSE FROM MY FRIENDS LIST ONLY. So please if you are interested to see my works - let me know..
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Let us talk no more, let us go to sleep,
Let the rain fall on the window pane,
And fill the castle keep,
I am weary now, weary to my bones,
Weary from the travelling,
And the endless country roads,
That brought us here tonight, for this weekend,
And a chance to work it out,
For we cannot live together, and we cannot live apart,
It's the classical dilemma between the head and the heart;

She is sleeping now, softly in the night,
And in my heart of darkness she has been the only light,
I am lost in love, looking at her face,
And still I hear the voice of reason,
Telling me to chase these dreams away,
Oh here we go again, we're divided from the start,
For we cannot live together, and we cannot live apart,
It's the classical dilemma between the head and the heart,
The head and the heart;

Now the dawn begins, and still I cannot sleep,
My head is spinning round but now the way is clear to me,
There is nothing left, nothing left to show,
The jury and the judge will see, it's time to let her go,
Now hear the heart,
Oh, I believe that time will show,
She will always be a part of my world,
I don't want to see her go,
So I plead my case to hear the heart,
And stay...

It's time to let her go - I don't wanna let her go...
It's time to let her go - I don't wanna let her go...
It's time to let her go - I don't wanna let her go...
It's time to let her go...

And in this classical dilemma,
I find for - the heart.

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Sunday, 15 May, 2005
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Hey, where are you?
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