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So what exactly *does* one do with several thousand images awaiting sorting and no damned time to spend on Fotki? It's an age since I walked these Fotkiesque paths though I might just be finding my way back here soon. Wtf is 'Tags list', though? And who needs feed, blog and all the other crap that seems to be evolving on here? I was almost tempted to change my profile type to 'Animal' and might still do so....it'd perhaps say a lot... ;-)

I find myself combining and drawing inspiration from wherever I look, whatever I sense and however I explore and discover. Nothing surprises me, nothing disturbs me, frequently things excite me but all too frequently too much eludes me. Life really is way too short, and I'm therefore forever hungry. Fotki, with its wealth of original and inspiring creativity, provides much food for thought...

I like to dig, and I like to be able to see beyond the obvious. I enjoy the satisfaction of finding reason and perhaps equally so, purpose. Nothing - absolutely nothing - happens without reason, nor without purpose.

Overtly critical and sometimes down-right controversial in my view of the arts, I'll quite happily rip apart with brutality over-rated rubbish, but equally so, I'll praise to the highest degree the visual captivation and excellence of plain and simple brilliant talent. All the grey areas in between prove interesting, of course...

Photography to me is a pleasurable interest, like so many others. The simple memories of experience in the mind alone can just never quite stand the tests of time, and to me, the tangible has to *feel* real if it's to remain so. For this reason, the captured image is timeless, a recorded moment of a life or lives. One can look back and say: 'I did that', and *still* feel it!

I'm lucky to live amongst some of the finest natural scenery in the UK, with both the English Lake District and the high Yorkshire Dales only a short hop away. Majestically but quietly sitting between these two areas of outstanding natural beauty, lies my own 'back garden' - the Howgill Fells. I feel and breath the mountain scenery on a daily basis, enough to systematically capture a photographic archive celebrating the mood of all this superb countryside and it's associated life - not simply the 'wildlife' (that's always difficult) but in very real terms, the *life* of living here!

Who created the most visually stunning spectacle - Gian Lorenzo Bernini or J. Robert Oppenheimer? Beauty to me doesn't necessarily have to be beautiful - similarly, the infinitely dull doesn't necessarily have to be unexciting. Iconism, after all, is merely altered perception. Take John Simon Ritchie for example, or rather, don't. :-)

Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder, nor simply in the heart or the mind. It's also in the loins.
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Hi - just stopping in to say hello and thanks for taking me over to your "shop this" entry....beautiful and original....
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Cumbria, UK, and sometimes somewhere darker. ;-)
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This and that - the alternatively eclectic and the life aesthetic. Natural history and the environment. Prehistory. Social history. The visual and other sensory arts. The surreal and the reality.
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Infinitely rewarding, the more challenging, the better.
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