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~!~ Well I was scarce in 09 alright. I'm tryna figure out how I'm going to go about updating my fotki. Had a dry spell, but trying to work my way back. Shalom. And much Nappy Love to you all! ~!~

+*+ I think I'm gonna be scarce in 09, well at least with uploading, but I might be around, passing through fotkis. Thanks for stopping by. Have a BLeSSeD year!! :)

Basically, I've had natural hair, all my life, that is i've never had a perm. My mother used to iron it occassionally when I was younger, and I had a stint with hair coloring combined with constant pressing, which was basically the turning point for me.

I think I joined Nappturality in 2004 in high school, when I was looking for a way to grow my natural hair. I didn't really pay the forums much attention though. I wanted immediate results in terms of having long hair.

In 2006, my sophomore year after the hair coloring and constant pressing, I just wanted healthy hair, so I began to frequent the Nappturality hair care forums. I must say, there, I fell in love, and began a journey with my hair, and myself. I haven't "arrived" and still have my own set of hangups, BUT Nappturality truly has been a Godsend. It may sound like I'm trying to promote this website, and Heck Yea I am!!! But there are other resources available.

I started my own Fotki in February of 2007, my birthday month and the month that I did my "BC" of sorts. (I cut off most of the colored and pressed/damaged ends!) So this has been my journey since then! I must admit that I started the fotki for selfish reasons, just to track my growth, and that has been helpful over time, but I know that I've been blessed by being able to visit other people's fotkis, mostly those with similar hair texture ("4b" "cnapps), so I'll try to make my fotki more visitor friendly. ..still working on this...

Thanks for visiting. Have a Happy Nappy time!! (Even if your hair is permed)
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Saturday, February 17, 2007
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English, Lovely Caribbean dialect, referred to some as patois, a little Spanish
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