Alynxx - find me on Instagram @dreamtressesuk
Alynxx - find me on Instagram @dreamtressesuk(alynxx) avatar
November 2013 - I have taken the plunge and gone into the hair extensions business after being encouraged by many to do so including my clients. My website ( is still under construction but coming soon.

Check me out on instagram for pics of my product in realtime @dreamtressesuk or email me at or

I will upload pics of my products on Fotki too but know that these days a lot of you gals are on Youtube! Ok everyone speak soon.


May 2012 - Still doing weaves, making wigs and writing! New eBay hustle is on...I am clearing out my wardrobe!

Sept 2010 - Hair updates coming soon!

July 2010 - I've started to take clients after much encouraging from friends and family (I've been doing their weaves for years now!). I am a traveling stylist and will come to you anywhere within the M25 in London. Shoot me an email for availability and pricing:

April 2010 - Reached APL in March and now hair is getting thicker! On my way back to mid-back...that was quick!

Late August - I am embarking upon getting my hair back! Please check my Journal and Albums for more details!

August 2009 - I left my braids in for six weeks (co-washed etc in them too!) and my hair broke off from the matting and tangles in the takedown. I'm now back to NL.

May 2009 - I posted my April relaxer pics at last. I wasn't happy with the results, but oh well. I went and bought a bottle of Mega-Tek to try and make up for the damage...

Thanks so much for all your support!

July 2008 - One of my main Fotki Inspirations is gone! Mcelweewife went and deleted her page because it was taking up too much of her time. She also wanted to spend more time reading her Bible; which I commend her for. Wifey will be missed but hopefully she will be back someday! Her level of hair care and dedication is an example to us all!

Thank you for the memories wifey!

I'm really on this site because of all of the inspiration from all the ladies on Black hair media forum and long hair care forum. They have been an inspiration to me and hopefully other ladies can find inspiration from my albums as well.

I have learned so much about black hair care in the last few years and I want to share with everybody!

Luv you all! MWAH!!!!!!!!

*This is the old Regimen - has now changed as of August 2009 - details in Journal and Albums*

My full Regimen: my hair type is 4b (ZZZZZ!) relaxed last with Phytospecfic Index II home kit. This is the best relaxer I have ever used and for once my scalp did not burn!

* I don't use heat on my hair, I typically only use heat for a length check after a relaxer. Basically once every 6 months!

* I always deep condition for at least 1 hour after every wash

* I use a hard protein like Aphogee Treatment for damaged hair once every 4 to 6 weeks

* My hair is always in protective styling (i.e. braids, sew in weaves or instant weaves). I am a protective styling junkie!

* I trim off 1" or less after every relaxer

* I baggy all day, every day (thanks mcelwee-wife! check out her fotki for tips!). Take out baggy for two hours every night to dry and apply my sulphur mix/scurl spray before bed.

* I always pre-poo with EVOO before any kind a hairwashing be it co-wash or shampooing.

*I use a hard moisturising conditioner every other week in my Cholesterol doctored condish (like Nexxus Humectress or Keracare Humecto! just bought a 5lb tub of the Humecto).

*If you saw my hair product book shelf you would know that I am a product junkie! But seriously I buy in bulk so that I save money and my family (and some friends can also use them!).

* I shampoo and co-wash on alternate weeks and only wash my hair once a week. I lather only once as per Cathy Howse I have used her method for years and it works for keeping moisture in dry 4B (Z!) hair like mine.

*I also wash my hair in 4 to 6 box braids to eliminate breakage from washing. Before trying this method I used to lose a lot of hair in the sink! There is almost no hair in the drain when I finish washing my hair now. This method is courtesy of the site. There are a lot of tips on there to use that are beneficial to our hair growth!

*I check out BHM and LHCF boards frequently to look at the hair tips and discussions. This has helped my hair to be the longest it has ever been!

* I use a homemade Sulphur/MN mix with oils and carrot creme added. This is good to grow hair in fast!

* I use scurl moisturising spray for my new growth to keep it soft and manageable while stretch my relaxers. My second stretch is a seven month one. I will post next results in May 08! God willin!

*I seal my ends daily with Profective Healthy ends creme and castor oil to thicken it. I have virtually no ends snapping off whatsover or dry frizzy ends! This has never happened to my hair in it's life ever! I PAY A LOT OF ATTENTION TO MY ENDS! I believe that good ends maintenance is a key to retaining length to your hair! So seal me moisture in them ends ladies!

*I use ORS Replenishing conditoner after a co-wash every other week! I have 8 32oz bottles of this condish as it is the bomb and I get through a lot of it!

*I use LeKair Cholesterol condish every other week mixed in with Keracare Humecto, coconut oil, carrot oil and EVOO.

*I use various leave ins after every wash. They are: Motions moisturising leave in spray, Infusium 23 moisturising formula and Aphogee Tea Tree reconstructor spray.

* I use Profectiv Break Free creme for 3 consecutive days of the week on my hair to strengthen then use Scurl spray and oil to seal for the remaining 3 days. I do not moisturise my hair on wash days until I have washed and airdryed my hair!

* I sometimes rollerset to dry my hair or just air dry in the same box braids that I washed my hair in. I only comb once a week and twice a week as I get into the later months of my stretch to minimize tangles. I detangle twice a week when in the last 2-3 months of my stretch due to excessive tangling of new growth at the root level!

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