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Well, I am a new transitioner (to natural hair) and am soooo excited for my hair journey (although i know that this is just the beginning LOL) but i have worn my hair relaxed since i was a little girl and would just like to give it a PERMANENT break from the chemicals. I dont have any horror stories that drove me to natural hair...just the urge to feel free!! I also just got bored with my relaxed hair, it seems like i've worn it in the same style for the last 15 years. I am anxious to discover what my natural hair will be like and although i am only months into the transition, i already feel empowered and creative. I am super inspired by all of the beautiful naturalities on the various hair sites, fotki, mynhcg, youtube, etc etc. I so look forward to my journey and wish ALL of you the best on your quest to GOOD (healthy) HAIR!!! HAPPY GROWING!!

***UPDATE*** (6/28/11): hello lovely i am almost at the 2 years mark (september 2011) of my natural journey. It really has flown by, and doesnt seem like its been that long...which i guess is a good thing! i'm still loving my natural hair and all of the different experiments i get to try (from watching all of the great youtube tutorials as well as tips from MANY of you her on fotki.) I want to encourage any of the beautiful women out that that are considering going natural or are just keep pushing thru, you may have some bad hair days but they are often far and few between the good ones! I have had critics and some naysayers but my hair has proven them wrong each and every time! Stay tru to yourselves ladies and love that beautiful healthy natural hair!! Blessings to you all!

***UPDATE #2*** Wow, i've been natural over 3 years now and STILL loving it, in fact, I'M IN LOVE WITH MY HAIR!! It's not BSL and only slightly past SL, but it's not the length that i was after, but the overall healthiness. And i'm proud to say i have reached my goal. So much as happened over the last year. A friend and I started a natural hair club here in the DMV area, Connected by Faith Naturals!! So if you are looking for a place to meet other naturals and talk about natural hair care as well as see live demonstrations, check out our website and join our mailing list!! Other natural clubs welcome...lets meet together!!
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