Adina's Second Birthday.

Adina turns two!!! Who said anything about terrible two's ? It's all lies ! :-)

Chanukah celebrations

Whiskey Chanukah L'Chayim, Broadway Plaza lighting, Chanukah on Ice, and more

4th of July in San Francisco

Tour of San Francisco with Yana, celebration at Yana & Vladik's house, fireworks in Marina and night dive in the bay.

Тур одной улицы: Steiner street, начинается от Duboce Park, заканчивается в Марине, основное интересное начинается примерно от Alamo Sq.

Yom Hasiddur - David

CCJDS celebration for the 1st graders with presentation of their special siddur and children blessings by parents and grand-parents. Levin Jr. under the tallit with Levin Sr. (video is coming soon)

Trip to Misha and the sailing camp

Visit to Misha with his endless puzzles and games and a week long sailing camp at Hopkinton state park.

Plus a great re-union with our friends from New York: Asya, Lenya, Danya, Yana, Tanya, Kirill, Jeff, and Deana. Moreover, we got to meet new local friends: Masha, Jonathan, Jacob, Vera, Roma, and Jacob and hang out with our good old friends from California: Olya, Sasha & Alisa.

CCJDS Graduation

8th grade graduation and school aliya ceremony. welcome to middle school Adina and to the 2nd grade for David !

Castle Rock hike

with Ira, Oleg, Zoya, Sasha, Olya, Sasha, Sema & the kids

Marik, Boria & Felix visit

Big kudos to Marik, Boria and Felix for coming to visit us from New York! It was great to have you guys ! Please come again...

Singapore Colleagues

Chong Ling, Edna Kong, Ken Yeo, Siew Lian, Mark On, Denzel, and many others...

Singapore City

Shabbat in Singapore, Tisha B'Av, visit to Sentosa island, Chinatown, Little India and more

Trip to Italy

Anya, Julia & Ilonchik take over Rome and Florence for a week.

Winter Kids Album

a collection of random pictures of Adina, Shlomik (David) and other family members and friends.


Let the work begin: Destroy everything and call us when you are done...

My Mom's Birthday

Happy Birthday Mom ! It was a very fun party with lot's of laughter, good games, interesting talk and the best of the best of russian cuisine. It was good to be home from California for a week.


I apologize for being lazy and not updating our albums and promise to do so as soon as I get at least 10 minutes to spare...

Family and Friends

Sasha, Natasha & Batsheva Ostrovsky
Katya, Leva, Misha, Shlomik & David
Senya & Alla Gutovich

Third month birthday

Daddy is in NY. And Adina and Mom are in sunny California, missing him very much...

Las Vegas Trip

A trip to Las Vegas with Marlene, Eugene, Stella and Lenya. We've done it all in the city of endless entertainment: attractions, show, dinning, shopping and obviously gambling ! We even managed to spend some time in the fitness center and sauna, not to mention miles and miles of walking.