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Hey you guy's, my name is Belita, I am here to start and share my natural hair journey.
I found this website quite by accident. I was looking over the web trying to find natural hair sites, ended up on youtube and there was this girl who goes by the name of curly something or other, I just fell in love with her hair.
It was like two days later that I cut my hair, I looked at all the beautiful natural hair and all the different textures.
Also, a woman told me that when black women die, there scalp is practically black from perming there hair for years (chemical burns basically). Anyway, I was through with the perms, so I took my boyfriends clipper's and shaved my head.

You ever wonder why so many women of other races have such long hair, it's because they don't get relaxers, there hair grows out natural, so I believe when African American Women grow there hair out natural with out relaxers/perms, there hair can grow down there backs as well, and so far I am one my way, my hair in the back touches my shoulders, my hair on the side touches my neck, & my hair in the front touches the middle of my nose and this is only after 10 months.....

So here starts my natural hair journey.

NL- Achieved 09/2008 side/05/2008back
SL- Achieved 10/2008 Back
APL- Haven't achieved /-Hoping to achieve 09/2009
BSL- Haven't achieved /-Hoping to achieve 06/2010
MBL- Haven't achieved /-Hoping to achieve 01/2011
WL- Haven't achieved /-Hoping to achieve 08/2011
TBL- Haven't achieved /-Hoping to achieve 06/2012

My hair tends to grow fast, so I am thinking I can definitely make achieve all the goals set forth.

Hope you guy's enjoy the pictures.
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Saturday, January 12, 2008
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coils, curls, hair, natural, puff, 4a, 4b, cnapps, afro, natural, kinky, african
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5 years 5 months ago
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Light (social) drinker
Black/African descent
Mutliracial-My paternal grandmother is Black Foot Indian and Italian only her father was Italian, her mother Black Foot Indian, and my grandmother's husband was biracial so you can basically see what my father is, my mother is African American and there is a touch of Black Foot Indian on my mom's side as well.....
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